Who got what in Mandela's will

On Monday, an executive summary of the late South Africa’s President, Nelson Mandela “Madiba”will of 40 pages was made public in Johannesburg.

South Africa’s The Times Live quoted country’s Deputy Chief of Justice, Dikgang Moseneke as saying, in front of Mandela’s descendants, that Madiba instructed that a portion of royalties owing to him or his estate be paid to the ANC in the tune of 10% - 30%, subject to the availability of funds.

How will the provisional assessment of Mandela's estate worth about R46 million shared?

The paper says, “Mandela's children and grandchildren from his first and second wife will share millions of rands.”

His chef did not get mere thank you words but a whooping R50,000 to go with.

Madiba’s lawyer and friend George Bizos also said that Madiba wasn’t selfish as he prioritized in knowledge acquisition and therefore provided also to educational institutions. Professor Adam Habib, Vice Chancellor and principal at the University of the Witwatersrand was thankful for the R100K donation, the amount which University of Fort Hare also received.

How about the wives?

Well the paper continues to say that his third wife, Graca Machel will take ownership of four properties in Mozambique owned jointly by the couple, vehicles, jewelry, all the money in their bank accounts/investment in financial institutions.

The paper noted that, Madiba’s second wife, Winnie, whom they divorced after 38 years of marriage, was left out of the will. It was also quick to note that Winnie wanted half of Madiba’s assets, amounting to roughly R20 million, as divorce settlement.

Graca has 90 days to elect if she’ll waive her right to 50% of Mandela’s estate, Moseneke was quoted as saying.

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