Introducing Toto Shine Magazine

I’m so excited that one of the projects that is so dear to my heart (to empower women and children) for the last 3 years I have been working very hard on it, is soon to become a reality…

The Toto Shine Magazine is now looking for drawings, poems or short stories from children ages 6 -14.

This magazine is for the whole East Africa region and beyond, so we want as many kids from
Tanzania as possible to participate.

I do remember when I was a little kid Mama na Mwana show read something I sent to them on the radio that was one of my best days. Also I answered some questions and they mailed me a congratulatory letter for being one of the winners. That little piece of paper I received was one of my inspirations growing up and I kept it for so many years.....

Motivate your kids to participate. Thanks to my very good friends who believe me on this project so far we pay US $20 if we use each drawing, story or poem on our magazine.

It is not just funny to earn money while still a kid but its also empowers. That little achievement your child, niece or nephew will receive can be a solid foundation of his/her ambition and determination to do much more in life.

The phone app is coming soon to easily update your kid’s work direct from your phone or tablet.

Tell you kids, nieces and nephews and everyone you know. From abstract art and traditional drawing to sketching, painting, or doodling or perhaps it’s something that symbolizes the culture or maybe it’s a moment in her/his life that stands out. It could be a character he/she has created, or a drawing of a favorite pet. We are looking for it all.

For poems we prefer non-rhyming poetry (free verse poems) though if your kid prefers rhyming poetry don’t hesitate to send it to us.

For short stories 1500 words or fewer works best for our readers’ ages.

For a chance your kid to be accepted make sure you or a teacher carefully read his/her writing or look at his/her artwork before submitting, and then consider any suggestions to make it better. Often, there are events in stories that don’t make sense, and having someone read it and make suggestions always helps!

You or your child/niece/nephew must be 6-14 years old to participate.

Follow us at @totoshinemag and facebook ID Toto Shine for more updates
The website is soon coming

Also for those who would like to support our effort you can download our media kit at

Best Regards,