Statement by Ministry of Water refuting The Citizen article




The Citizen Newspaper ISSN 0856-9754 ISSUE number 322 dated 21st July 2014 carried an article by The Citizen reporter that “ Tanzania’s pace of Providing Water Sluggish ’’ and that has caused lack of trust and public Awareness slowing the Pace. This is a totally confusing and misleading story.

The Ministry through Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) has implemented a number of projects aiming at reducing water blues in Urban and Rural areas. The Water Sector Development Programme started since 2007 and has been divided into four subcomponents namely Water Resource Management, Urban Water Supply and Sanitation, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation and Capacity Development. The first phase of the Programme has increased water supply services to 86% to date in
urban areas and for the Rural Water Supply a tremendous achievement has been done.

For the past few months the Ministry has improved water services in the rural areas by providing safe and clean water to more than 2,640,000 people in 270 villages in 98 District Councils within one year. Not only that, but also 248 Water projects and 10,560 new Water Points have been constructed from June 2013 to April 2014. And also 373 Water user Associations were registered compared to 147 last year. This is a great achievement in the Water sector compared to past few years. The issue of awareness has been in place through different means for example our participation in the Public Service exhibitions whereby our Ministry won overall the first trophy in Innovative Service Delivery Category.

Not only that, but also in the International Water Week Exhibitions our Ministry has played an important role ensuring stakeholders meet and share experience with the Ministry exhibitor services. Celebrating the International Water Week different television and radio programmes on Water sector were aired. More than ten projects were launched.

The Ministry has participated several times in Nanene Exhibitions, International Tourism Week in Mwanza last year. Our top Ministerial leaders have travelled extensively monitoring different projects countrywide ensuring and giving hope to the public that, Water is the first priority and the Ministry is working hard to ensure that, our citizen get safe and clean Water services.

Needless to say, it is unclear how the same respectable newspaper which carried the series of Interview with CEO President’s Delivery Bureau (PDB) Mr Omary Issa who clearly explained the success reached by our Ministry through Big Results Now initiative (BRN). The interview was positively reported by this Newspaper. All these initiatives show that, our Ministry is NOT sluggish as stated by the Citizen reporter, this is antagonistic. We respect freedom of Press and therefore recommend not misleading our stakeholders by giving false, antagonistic information.

Issued by,

Government Communication Unit

Ministry of Water