Tanzania, unlike Kenya, totally opposed to US spying on leaders

Kenya leads in a listing of African countries whose citizens accept American government spying on their leaders and on private citizens.

The survey by the US-based Pew Research Centre, also found that Kenyans, among the six African countries surveyed, gave the most favourable rating to the US government, at 80 per cent. This compares to 77 per cent for Ghana, 75 per cent for Tanzania and 74 per cent for Senegal. Others rated were Nigeria (69 per cent) and Uganda (62 per cent).

The survey on spying placed a single question: “Is it acceptable or unacceptable for the American government to monitor communications?”

Respondents in Tanzania gave an emphatic no to the question, saying no form of surveillance would be acceptable to them.

Seventy one per cent of the respondents in Tanzania rejected the American government’s action on phone and e-mail intrusion while only 25 per cent supported monitoring of private citizens’ communications.

“Sixty four per cent say it is totally unacceptable to monitor leaders’ mail and phone conversations while 49 per cent said it is prudent for the American government to monitor its own citizens’ activities online and on phone,” the survey published online reveals.

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