World's Longest Married Couple's secret to lasting love


Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher, The North Carolina (USA) couple, who wed on May 13, 1924, were recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living couple in 2008 with 84 years of marriage.

In honor of Valentine's Day in 2010, the couple answered several questions on their Twitter account:
  • Remember marriage is not a contest, never keep a score. God has put the two of you together on the same team to win.
  • Agree that it's okay to disagree, and fight for what really matters. Learn to bend—not break!
  • We wouldn't change a thing.There’s no secret to our marriage, we just did what was needed for each other & our family.
  • Respect, support, and communicate with each other. Be faithful, honest, and true. Love each other with all of your heart.
  • We grew up together and were best friends before we married. A friend is for life; our marriage has lasted a lifetime.
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