A 4min video explaining: The difference between CONFIDENCE and ARROGANCE

In the video embed below, Aaron from I Am Alpha M describes the difference between 'confidence' which can take you a long way for it seeks to lift others up from a place of satisfaction with yourself and 'arrogance' which will take you nowhere as it seeks to diminish others because of insecurity.

It may seem obvious at the outset, but it's often the most arrogant people who defend themselves by saying they're just more self-confident than others. 

Much like the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness and compassion versus niceness, confidence is internal, and arrogance is external. 

Aaron explains that confidence is something in you, a belief in your skills and abilities, and a trust in yourself. Arrogance on the other hand rears its ugly head when people try to diminish the skills and abilities of others, usually to convince the world of their own status and push others into the background.