Don’t dress to impress - 10 Safety tips for women travelling alone

To travel safely in a foreign country, you will probably fail at blending in, so aim for not standing out. To make packing easier on you, choose a versatile wardrobe with a pick a neutral-based color scheme of non-wrinkly clothes. Black/white/grey/blue-toned charcoal—those are all easy to mix and match. Keep your bling at home. A woman alone doesn’t have to travel in constant fear. The best travel safety tip is to look like you know what you’re doing. Lost often comes off as weak or vulnerable. Walk with determination and purpose. Don’t fumble for things. If you have to pick a stranger to ask for help, choose a family with young children or an older woman. Such choices are less likely to be serial killers in disguise. Research where you’re going. The CIA World Factbook is a great resource. Realize that, in a worst case scenario, bad things happen no matter how many precautions you take. Your job is to reduce the chance that those bad things will happen to you.
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