Grenade attack on a minibus kills 3 in Tanzania

Three people were killed Thursday morning when unknown assailants lobbed an explosive device into the cabin of a short-haul commuter minibus near the north-western Tanzania town of Kigoma.

Six passengers, including an infant, were injured in the attack which occurred near the Migongo military base in the district of Buhigwe.

Police say the minibus – a Toyota Hiace – was travelling from Kilelema to Kasulu Mjini at dawn when
two armed assailants attempted to intercept it.

Survivors say as they drove near the village of Migongo, an unidentified man walked into the middle of the road waving a gun in an attempt to force the driver to stop.

When the driver wouldn’t stop, the gun-toting attacker yielded, and the minibus pulled away a for a short distance before another man came out of nowhere and threw what looked like a grenade into the cabin, according to district police chief Samuel Utonga.

By Thursday afternoon, blast survivors were being moved from Muyama hospital to Kasulu Mjini after their conditions took a turn for the worse, witnesses say.