Israeli firm, DAWASCO to build water desalination plants in Dar

Plans are underway for water authorities in Dar es Salaam to work with an Israeli consortium in constructing two reverse osmosis desalination plants to alleviate water shortage.

The Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation (DAWASCO) Chief Executive Officer, Eng Jackson Midala, said yesterday that the plant will supply 100 million cubic metres of desalinated water per day.

He said the project is expected to start any time from now, without disclosing its total cost. Saying the plans were at a good stage, he told The Guardian in an exclusive interview: “We are now working on securing land permits and electricity for the project to kick start.”

The plants will be the first among desalination plants to be built in the country, according to the Water Minister, Prof Jumanne Maghembe.

The DAWASCO boss said the initiative to venture into building desalination plants aims to reduce over dependence on water from the Ruvu River.