Lunchtime Discussion: Preparing for a Freedom of Information Act in Tanzania

Lunchtime Discussion:

Preparing for a Freedom of Information Act in Tanzania

Tuesday 12 August, 1-2pm at the National Museum, Dar es Salaam

Guests: Nikhil Dey, MKSS (India) and Kiran Bhatty, Centre for Policy Research (India)

Moderator: Rakesh Rajani, Twaweza

Last October, President Kikwete announced a commitment to enact a Freedom of Information law. The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs is working on a draft.

“If people want information on how medicines are distributed, on budgets for their primary school, they should have the right to that information. If people want information on when they will get water supply, they should have that right. When people ask for this information, they should not be seen as trying to venture into areas which are not theirs."
President J.M.Kiwete, speaking in October 2013

Freedom of Information is a potentially powerful tool for citizens, the media and civil society to better understand what government is doing for them, and to hold the government to account. The experience from India is that it can transform the relationship between citizens and the government. How can we in Tanzania best make use of this opportunity?


Nikhil Dey is an Indian social activist, working for MKSS, an organisation focused on social rights and the right to information. He and MKSS played a major role in the successful campaign for a Right to Information Act in India, and in finding ways for Indian citizens to make effective use of the Act.

Kiran Bhatty is a Senior Fellow with the Centre for Policy Research in India. She is an expert in social audits, including the practical application of FOI laws, particularly in the field of education.


Join us, to discuss the proposed Freedom of Information law, including
  • Where does the proposed Freedom of Information Act stand now, in August 2014?
  • What lessons can Tanzania learn from India’s Right to Information Act?
  • What can civil society do to help keep up the momentum for enactment of the law?
  • How can we make best use of the law, and turn it into a practical tool for Tanzanian citizens to use?

When: Tuesday 12 August, 1-2pm

Where: National Museum, Dar es Salaam

Please RSVP to [email protected]

A light lunch will be served