Menu ya mlo wa jioni walioandaliwa Viongozi 50 wa Afrika huko White House watatakotumbuizwa na gwiji kongwe la muziki, Lionel Richie

Roasted Tomato Soup

On Tuesday night, after the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit sessions wrap up, the US President and the First Lady will hosts 50 heads of state and the chairman of the African Union for dinner.

The 400 guests will be treated to a traditional American meal with an African twist in a gigantic tent on the South Lawn and enjoy a performance by five-time Grammy winner Lionel Richie.

White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford said the leaders didn't travel thousands of miles to get an Americanized version of their local cuisine. She said that a lot of research went into crafting the menu, and admitted that, at times, it was stressful. The State Department was even involved.

Here's the menu:

First course:
A chilled roasted tomato soup with socca crisp (a chickpea flour crouton of sorts)

Second course:
A chopped salad with green beans, lima beans, with "soured cream" (like buttermilk) dressing with a touch of cinnamon and cumin

Main course:
Wagyu beef with a roasted sweet potato puree and braised collard greens made with chiles and coconut milk

Fudge cake with papaya, scented with vanilla from Madagascar

Menu source: The NPR
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