Mombasa police extends hunt for terrorists suspects in Tanzania

MOMBASA (Xinhua) -- Kenya’s security agencies said on Thursday they have made contacts with Tanzanian authorities to pursue most wanted terror suspects who have fled into the country after a series of executed and planned terror plots.

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Director Ndegwa Muhoro said their details have been shared among foreign agencies including the Interpol to assist in tracking them down.
"Our security teams have set up robust security measures that have forced most of the suspects to flee the country, but we have circulated their details among multi-agency security agencies," 
Muhoro told Xinhua in Mombasa.

He said government counter-terrorism officers want the Tanzanian authorities to assist in arresting some of them who may hide in their country.

The suspects including radical Muslim preachers had sneaked back to Tanzania through the Kenya-Tanzania border in Lunga Lunga and Kenya-Somalia border in Lamu.
"We have good information that a few of them have gone back to Somalia.
"Others are across Tanzania running away from the ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the country.
"We are communicating with our counterparts to monitor their movement," 
said Muhoro.