Quarter final Dance 100% 2014 August 23, 2014

After the success of inaugural of Dance 100% 2014 which involve groups of young artists from several districts of Dar es Salaam and held at Don Bosco centre and TCC Club, the quarter final day was announced.

The event coordinator of the competition Happy Shamte, said that the quarter final of this year Dance 100% will take place on August 23rd, 2014 and 16 groups from three Dar es Salaam District will compete at this stage and 10 groups will be selected for final competition Dance.

Groups emerged to enter the quarter final stage named by Shamte as Wazawa crew, Best boys crew, G.O.P, The-W-T, Best love, Tatanisha Dancers, Bustani, Qulity boys, Pambana Fasaha, Wakali sisi, Tamtam, Mazabe, TWC, B2K and Winners crew.

Shamte said that competition which organized jointly by East Africa Radio and Grand Malta under sponsorship of Vodacom Tanzania is becoming very popular and attracting many youths from Dar es Salaam region and other regions who have shown the interest to participate.

“This is the third year since that competition launched and this year inaugurated on 19th July and aired by East Africa Television every Wednesday at evening time, we encourage all the groups to prepare themselves for the quarter final and the final winner group will get prize of 5 million shillings”. Said Shamte.

On his part Vodacom Tanzania, Public Relations Manager, Matina Nkurlu, said Vodacom Tanzania is committed to making the arts industry in Tanzania more inclusive and accessible to all by providing a platform for different music genres including younger artist musicians.

“Vodacom Tanzania believe that music and sports can provide employment to several Tanzanians especially youths that why we always we are at fore front to support music and sports activities”Said Nkurlu.

Nkurlu advised the youths to participate in various sports and music activities because there is a proof of many youths in the country who manage to run their life through sports and arts.