Rwakatare's Dar houses worth 200m/- demolished on orders from the Ministry

Bulldozer demolishes one of the four houses built by one Mr Tibe Kenneth Rwakatare at Mbezi Beach in Dar es Salaam yesterday following an order from the ministry of Lands Permanent Secretary Alphayo Kadata, who said the property was built on grabbed land and without the prerequisite permits. PHOTO | Beatrice Moses

Four houses in Mbezi Beach owned by a son of prominent woman evangelist in Dar es Salaam were demolished yesterday over violation of city regulations.

The houses on a prime plot not very far from the beach, were flattened on orders from the ministry of Lands and Human Settlement Development. Permanent Secretary Alphayo Kidata confirmed in a telephone interview that he had ordered the demolition because the disputed plot was grabbed and
developed illegally.

Mr Kidata said he issued the order because the law must be observed. He said the buildings were built without required permits. Told that the dispute was in court, the PS said that did not stop him from enforcing the laws to the letter.

“Having a case in court doesn’t guarantee that other laws be broken. My order does not break any law,” he said.

Documents show that the plot was being claimed by the Evangelist’s son and one Ms Jannet Kiwia who claimed it was forcefully grabbed from her overa year ago. She showed journalists a title, showing she had bought it from her brother in-law.

Residents of area milled around the site as bulldozers pulled down the structures that had been newly built. The exercise was supervised by the Kinondoni Municipal Council Engineer Baraka Mkuya.

Protest from Advocate Emmanuel Augustino representing the Evangelists’s son identified as Mr Tibe Kenneth Rwakatare fell on deaf ears.

Mr Augustino told journalists at the scene that the demolition was carried out despite the dispute still pending at the municipal land tribunal.

“I tried to talk to the PS on the phone but he told me the government had no time to lose on land grabbers. He did not bother that his action may be illegal.”

He said his client incurred a loss of about Sh800 million following the demolition. 

via The Citizen