Tuwe makini: Betri ya remote yasababisha madhara makubwa kwa mtoto

Tuwe makini na usalama wa mazingira ya maeneo tunamoishi hasa tukiwa na watoto wadogo ambao kwa kawaida huokota chochote wanachokikuta chini wanapotambaa na kukitia mdomoni pasina kujua madhara yake.

Mfano hai ni huu:
A 4-year-old boy is in recovery after surgeons at Cincinnati Children's Hospital removed part of his rib and used it to rebuild his throat, which was severely damaged by ingesting a small battery.
Emmett Rauch swallowed a button battery from a TV remote control. The quarter-sized battery lodged in his throat, burning a hole in his esophagus.
The injury left him unable to breath, eat or speak on his own. He needs a trach tube to breathe. He's fed primarily through a stomach tube. The injury paralyzed his vocal cords. Even though he can make noise, he's not able to speak.
Rauch underwent a rib-graft surgery on Wednesday and is now in recovery. The procedure is used to spread the vocal cords apart, which not only allows them to act properly, but also creates an airway passage. - wave3.com