Why are people not believing that Ebola is really happening?

By May this year, if you asked most Liberians on the streets of Monrovia about their views on the outbreak of Ebola, the most common response was, “There is no Ebola in Liberia.” Now, with the death toll climbing every day, experts say their efforts to combat the epidemic have been frustrated by fear, superstition, and denial.

One theory that has some currency is that the government is trying to get foreign aid for the Ebola outbreak and steal it for themselves.

In West Point, where that raid on the Ebola holding center happened on Saturday evening, people in that slum are convinced the government is trying to get rid of them, to make them leave their homes, and there is a lot of suspicion that this talk of Ebola is just a government ploy to force people to leave.

Source: NPR and Vice