How to clean a tie

  • Everyday Tie Maintenance

Do NOT pull the thin end of your tie through the knot, or else you run the risk of ruining the tie’s shape. Instead, take off your tie by simply following the tie-tying steps in reverse. DO NOT leave the knots in your ties when not in use because this will create permanent creases in your tie that leave it looking disheveled and limp.

  • Storing Your Ties

After you are finished properly removing your tie, hang it up immediately to let the creases fall out. Draping your ties on a tie rack or hanger will better retain its form and reduce wrinkling.

  • Cleaning Your Ties

Unlike regular clothing, it is best to only clean your ties when they are dirty rather than after each wear. All ties should be either hand washed or dry cleaned, depending on the material. Air drying your ties is also the safest way to go, so that the lining isn’t damaged or weakened. Check out all the specifics for each material below!

Everything You Need To Know: Tie Cleaning

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