How to remove unwanted toolbars from computer

Sometimes, you download a new program, only to find that after installing it, you also have a toolbar in your browser and your default search engine has changed to Yahoo or Often, companies will bundle toolbars or other junk with their free programs. This allows them to offer those programs to you for free, while still making money.

You can remove using an automatic program like AdwCleaner.
  1. Download AdwCleaner and double-click the icon to run the program—no need to install it.
  2. Click the Scan button to scan your computer.
  3. When it's finished scanning, go through each tab (Services, Folders, Files, etc.) and check anything you want to clean. Not everything Adw finds will be crapware—if you aren't sure whether to remove something, try to determine the name of the software from Adw's list and search for it on Should I Remove It's web page.
  4. Once you're sure you've selected everything you want to remove, click the Clean button. It'll clean the selected options, restart your computer, and provide a report detailing what was deleted.
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