Men who use Twitter often have problems in relationships? - 9 types of men twice as likely to cheat

The results, from, an extra marital dating site, showed that tall men are more likely to stray, possibly because they are more confident than their shorter peers.

Mike Taylor from the married dating site said:
‘A large percentage of women want a man to be physically stronger and taller than them to make them feel protected and secure, it sounds old fashioned – but it’s true.’ ‘There is also a certain confidence that comes with height, and guys know that it gives them edge over shorter guys.’
While these do not automatically mean that they are going to cheat on you, men with these traits are more likely to. Here are some of the 9 most common traits found in cheaters:-

1. Twitter – The University of Missouri conducted a study and found that men who used Twitter often were more likely to have problems in their relationships such as infidelity. Social media is a tool that
can easily destroy a relationship if the person lets it.

2. Rock N Roll – found that those who listen to rock music are more likely to have an affair. What is even more surprising is that those who listen to Rap music tend to cheat less.

3. Name? – A study of over 2,000 found that the name Wayne was one of the most distrusted male names for some reason. Obviously it does not mean that every man named Wayne is a cheater, but apparently it’s something to watch out for.

4. Height – conducted another study and found that men who are over 5 feet and 10 inches are more likely to cheat than their shorter counterparts.

5. Hair – found that blondes really do have a lot more fun. Blonde women are more likely to cheat on their partners. Only 11% of women with black hair admitted to cheating in the survey as opposed to 42% who were blonde.

6. Nationality – After surveying people across the globe LELO, an adult toy company, found that 75% of French people admitted to cheating.

7. IT guy – The affair website Ashley Madison conducted a study and found that men who are in IT positions were the most likely to cheat.

8. Teacher – The same study by Ashley Madison found that women who are teachers are more likely to have an affair than another profession.

9. Shop til you drop – Ashley Madison found that women who shop more than others are more than likely cheating if shopping is not something that she normally does.