UK students stranded in Tanzania after travel company goes bust

A group of 11 students from the UK has been left stranded in Tanzania after a British trip organiser -GBCE Ltd, operating as Student Adventures - ceased trading on Thursday.

ITV News reports that 11 students who were already in Africa at the time of the collapse will not have accommodation or travel booked for the rest of their time in Tanzania, where they are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. The Practical Action charity is sending staff from its UK and Kenya office to help them.

In a statement, GBSC said: "GBCE assure parents and guardians that any travellers who are currently "in country" are safe and that arrangements are being made to ensure they are able to return back to the UK as arranged during the time of booking."

According to the Independent, dozens of students from Nottingham University were grounded at Gatwick Airport this week when they were told the news. An email to the students read: "We are deeply sorry that we have not been able to meet our commitments to you and it was our honest intention to fulfill [sic] our service and obligation to you."

Hannah Robinson's father, who is waiting for his 19-year-old daughter to return from Tanzania, told the Daily Mail: "I'm really concerned that she's stuck in in Dar es Salaam and she can't get out, but we'll find out.
"It's a major trip and obviously it's a concern anyway because climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world is quite difficult."