What is your current salary? Don't say, "I am negotiable"


The mistake here is that the candidate willingly dropped their request before hearing any objection to the number provided.
When the question about compensation expectations comes up, reply with the number along with any brief and necessary clarifying context. Then, stop talking. Don’t say a word until the interviewer responds. Even if the stare down lasts a minute, say nothing.

Any silence, even for just a few seconds, is commonly interpreted by candidates as a negative sign. Some hiring managers or HR professionals actually have a pause built into the script in order to determine possible flexibility without having to even ask.

Regarding, "What is your current salary?"

The Personal Branding Blog offers some suggestions :

You are worth what a company is willing to pay you. That amount has nothing to do with your currently salary. This is particularly true if you have worked for the same company for 5 or more years.

If the interviewer insists, Miller advises either asking them what their range is or answering with the salary you're seeking. E.g.: "I am looking for $xxxx in salary, but I will be evaluating the entire compensation package, which includes, salary, bonus, and benefits."