While the African diaspora is still bleeding, BRITTS hits Stuttgart again!

The following was submitted to wavuti.com via email. The original article has been edited to retract some strong words.  

The African Diaspora is still bleeding, just a few months ago when this fraudulent *** duped the African Diaspora in Germany, collecting huge sums of monies for a concert with Nigerian hip hop group "Bracket" leaving the crowd angry, frustrated and disappointed, this very *** just did it again, but this time shall not get away with it.

While the African diaspora is trying hard to promote the positive image of Africa in Germany, BRITT Events takes it upon himself to bring shame, fraud and tarnish the good reputation of the of the diaspora in Germany.

This time he landed on NASIB ABDUL AKA DIAMOND PLATNUMZ - the hip hop singer from
East Africa with two concerts, starting with the chaotic concert in Essen - Germany and then the worst case in Stuttgart which has been the main topic on the local newspapers in Stuttgart this morning.

Angry crowds, most of the m who traveled from far and paid much money to support their home artists only to be duped, no artist till 4 AM when they started violence acts of destruction, ambulance and police forces struggled to keep the angry mob under control which met with much casualties and many injured victims receiving treatment.

What a scandal, shame, disgrace on our continent and the African diaspora as a whole. One thing is very certain, this time BRITTS EVENTS –MR WILLIAMS, DJ IKE shall not get away with this. This is Germany, these *** cannot tarnish the image of Africa esp. taking their own brothers and sisters for fools. BRITTS Events is ****, bunch of **** and shameless **** with no idea of expertise in event management.

Fellow African, watch out, BRITTS Event is a *** and nobody should fall for such fallacy again. There're lots of peaceful and well organized events by Africans with expertise in events management going on in Germany, Stuttgart especially, so we warn and stay away from BRITTS Events!

See German newspaper link: http://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inhalt.blaulicht-aus-der-region-stuttgart-31-august-diamond-platnumz-zieht-aerger-der-fans-auf-sich.ca1f4b9d-599b-4c95-84c8-fe25d10b6ed9.html