This is how to live with chronic complainers

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How to Deal with Chronic Complainers

It's hard to be positive and productive when you have someone complaining in your ear all day. Chronic complainers believe the world is out to get them, but the truth is that they may not even know that they complain so much. Here are some helpful tips for handling those that have a penchant for informing everyone about their hardships.

The Difference Between Negative People and Chronic Complainers

When somebody is constantly complaining, it's easy to think that they just have a negative outlook on life in the same way that a pessimist might. The truth is, chronic complainers are a whole different breed. They may not have a negative outlook on life at all, but they still want you to know that nothing is ever quite good enough. Guy Winch, Ph.D. at Psychology Today explains the difference perfectly:
Optimists seeA glass half full.
Pessimists seeA glass half empty.
Chronic complainers seeA glass that is slightly chipped holding water that isn't cold enough, probably because it's tap water when I asked for bottled water and wait, there's a smudge on the rim, too, which means the glass wasn't cleaned properly and now I'll probably end up with some kind of virus. Why do these things always happen to me?!
Negative people in general are notoriously difficult to deal with, but the chronic complainer requires a separate approach. In fact, as Winch further explains, they don't even see themselves as negative people. In their mind, the world is what's negative, and they only know one way to respond to it. Chronic complainers may even be relatively positive people who don't actually know how to express themselves in a positive light, so it's important you approach them the right way.

How to Survive a Conversation with a Complainer

We all have to deal with these people every day, unfortunately. This section is about ways to get through the conversation at hand, and we'll cover the long term later on. If you're forced to work with a chronic complainer or have a family member you just can't shut out, these tips are the next best thing to getting them to stop. If possible, you never want to enable this kind of behavior if you can help it, but sometimes you just have to make it through a conversation alive.

Listen and Nod

Because validation is the key to shutting down a complainer initially, you need to show that you care about what they're saying. As grating as it might be, do your best to show that you're actually hearing what they're saying. Geoffrey James at Inc. breaks it down into a simple display everyone is capable of:
Even if the complaints seem ridiculous and pointless, do not roll your eyes, fidget, or check your email. Instead, nod your head and say things like, "I hear you," or, "That must be really tough." In most cases, complainers wear themselves out in five minutes or less, unless you're stupid enough to add fuel to the fire by suggesting a solution. Don't: At this point, you'll always get a response like, "But that won't work because ..." and the complaining will last that much longer.
A lot of the time, chronic complainers are the way they are because they don't have anyone to vent to. Sometimes a good venting session is enough for them to get it all out and move on. They want to be heard and—even if it doesn't matter—they want to be treated like a real person. You don't have to say a single thing that actually helps or goes against them. Just listen, nod, and show that you're validating their issues.

Validate, Sympathize, Deflect, Redirect

Now that you've shown them you're listening, you're ready to deploy the ultimate weapons for shutting chronic complainers down. Validation is the number one priority, but once you've done that, it's time to sympathize.

Express sympathy as best you can and try to make it as authentic as possible. People can tell when sympathy is fake, and with complainers that can lead to an "oh great, you think I'm just whining" attitude. It's also imperative you avoid any kind of sarcasm. You might think their complaint is stupid—and maybe even a little funny—but sarcasm will be noticed and create more problems.

Most of the time, validation and sympathy are enough to soothe any chronic complainer, but there are still some things you can do for the really tough cases. Deflection is a way for you to respond to them without shutting them down or telling them they're wrong. Sue Shellenbarger at The Wall Street Journal recommends these deflection examples, courtesy of author and speaker Will Bowen:
  • If they're complaining about a specific person: "It sounds like you and he have something to talk about."
  • If they're complaining about a something else: "That's terrible. I don't know how you deal with that."
  • When all else fails, give them a different kind of attention: "What's going well for you?"
Similar to deflection is the method of redirection. Essentially, you're changing the subject of the conversation without making it obvious that you don't want to hear their problem for the millionth time. Guy Winch writes in Psychology Today that using the task at hand as the focus for redirection is simple, yet effective:
For example, "The printer jammed on you again? Gee, that's incredibly annoying! I know it's hard to shrug off those kinds of things but I hope you can be a trooper because we really have to get back to the Penske file..."
Many chronic complainers will snap out of it and get back to what they're doing. They have no intention of actually doing anything about their problem—complaining is a habit—so a simple redirect is all it takes to shift their mindset back on to something else.

Keep Advice Brief and to the Point

Many chronic complainers are wrapped up in the notion that hardship is just a part of their life. They aren't usually looking for advice despite the fact that they want to share their problems all the time. Even if you gave them a good way to solve their problem, they would probably not be very happy to hear it. If they ask for advice, it's best to keep it short and sweet.

It's also possible that they'll reject your help after they ask for it, insisting that your advice is useless or "not relevant" to their problem. This can be extremely annoying, but if you can recognize it, it's easy to keep from wearing yourself out looking for options. When you recognize a help-rejecting complainer, ask them how they intend to fix their problem. They'll either start thinking of ways to address the issue or leave it alone because they realize that nothing can be done.

If You Want to Disagree, Do It Right

Most the time it's ill-advised to disagree with a chronic complainer. Disagreement removes any sentiment of validation you may have been trying to convey and can lead to an argument. Still, sometimes a chronic complainer is so completely out of bounds that someone needs to blow the whistle.
If you want to be the brave one to do it, there's a safe-ish method you can use. Chrissy Scivicque at Forbes recommends asking this simple question:
"Do you want my opinion?"
Human nature makes most people inquisitive enough to say, "Yes" to this question. And then, the person has given permission. They're in control of the conversation. They have asked to hear your thoughts on the subject. At that point, let the person know that you have a different point of view, but don't try to convince them. Make it short and sweet: "I hear what you're saying but I see it differently."
Now you can disagree without feeding the fire. They've asked for your opinion and you've given them exactly what they asked for. Express how you feel and stay true to it. It might be uncomfortable at first, but eventually they'll move to complaining to someone else when they realize you aren't an ally on the subject.

Tips for Dealing with Complainers Long-Term

It's important to consider the fact that you can't change somebody's behavior on your own. The chronic complainers are the only ones that have that power. What you can control, however, is how you handle them over time. Here are some ways to save some of your sanity and patience down the road.

Don't Ever Tell Them That Things "Aren't So Bad"

Chronic complainers are seeking validation in their complaints, not someone telling them they're wrong. Trying to cheer them up with a half-baked pep talk won't help them see what can be done or make things better. Alexander Kjerulf at The Chief Happiness Officer Blog recommends avoiding any kind of cheer up strategy:
As in "Oh, it can't be that bad", "Come on, cheer up" or the perennial favorite "Time heals all wounds". Saying things like this shows the complainer that you're not taking their pain seriously. When you tell a complainer "it's not that bad", he will often complain even harder to convince you (and himself) that his problems are very serious indeed.
In the same vein, you never want to suggest that they're overreacting to what's troubling them. Doing so could lead to them finding other things to complain about in order to convince you things really are as bad as they're saying. Now, instead of hearing one complaint, you have five more qualifying complaints inbound to back up their case.

Don't Ever Complain About the Complainers (or With Them)

It's also a very bad idea to complain about them. It can be hard not to when somebody is really bad, but at a certain point you become a complainer yourself. This can be especially damaging if you get caught in the act or if they hear about it through the grapevine. You'll have a chronic complainer that also dislikes you, and that is not a good mix.

At the same time, joining in and complaining along with them isn't as helpful as it would seem. You might think that you're validating their complaint by chiming in, but it can also increase the likeliness that their problem will never be solved. They'll think that they're problem isn't just theirs to deal with and assume that someone else might fix it. On top of that, you're encouraging them to continue complaining through your own example. No type of complaining is the answer to complaining.

If It Gets to be Too Much, You Need to Draw the Line

How to Deal with Chronic Complainers

It gets frustrating hearing the same complains over and over while they reject your advice, so it's important to set your boundaries with chronic complainers. Ultimately, you are not responsible for the happiness or well being of others. Dr. Rick Brinkman at Self Growth suggests you draw the linewhen things go too far. He uses a fictional woman named Cathy for his example:
Tell her you like her, you want to support her, and that what you are about to share is because you care about her. Then tell her that you will no longer listen to how bad things are. If she wants to complain or be negative, that's her choice - but you will not be around for the ride. 

If you hold that line (and if your complainer enjoys your company), she may be inclined to talk about something that is not complaining or negative. Be sure to reward her change of behavior by thanking and appreciating her when she is positive.
Be strict while enforcing this change and keep a positive attitude. They'll know that you're not upset and they might see that their complaining really has gone too far. Also, if you have the ability, avoid talking to known chronic complainers. There is no reason for you to waste your time with someone who is constantly making you unhappy. People like that can turn a great day into a downer in a matter of minutes, so be strong, and do not engage—repeat, do not engage.

Chronic complainers are not inherently bad people by any means, but they do need guidance. They can be annoying, disruptive, and rude, but it's possible to keep your cool and help them along the way. Remember that even chronic complainers sometimes expose real problems and other legitimate issues, so you should always give them the chance to explain. Follow up by validating, sympathizing, deflecting, and redirecting, and you'll be all set.

New routes for drugs smugglers

Drug barons have found new routes to smuggle narcotics into the country following strict controls at the airpots, Nacada CEO William Okedi has said.

Speaking in Amagoro on Sunday, Okedi said the barons now use the Southern and Arabian Peninsula on the Indian Ocean through Kenya and Tanzania.

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Foreign companies buying Africa’s fertile land

According to an ORDAF (The Association of Researchers in Middle East and Africa), political events and terror news are deliberately kept in the headlines to hide African land group by Western countries.

According to the ORDAF report, terrorist and political events that are at the forefront of African nations while millions of hectares of land are in the hands of foreign governments.

More than 60 million hectares of land that belongs to 80% of Africa are quietly being exchanged hands through sales and rentals under the smoke scene of political instability and terror crises.

According to the report, in recent years powerful nations’ have kept Africa in the headlines with the incidences of Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda, hiding behind these events while trading in international deals.

Going back to the 19th century, fertile lands was taken away from the indigenous people of Africa and given to poor white farmers and that today modern methods are now being applied on those lands.

In particular this exchange of lands between Europe, the US and Asia have been far more widespread in the last 15 years. These mostly have been covered up by keeping the issues of the Christian Sudanese, the activities of Al-Qaeda’s Maghreb, the Libyan-Egyptian political crisis and the As-Shabab in Somalia in the headlines, distracting from the secret deals and negotiations. As a result, by keeping these news at the front and hiding behind these news, it has been hoped that the purchase of the lands will be completed as soon as possible.

In the report, very little countries with the exception of North African Saharan countries of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco but not including Mauritania were the few countries that did not rent out land over 10,000 hectares.

The report says, 
“In some countries, the sales were so high, that there were now groups of observers researching the movement of land sales. At the top of the list was Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo, Cameroon, Guinea, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique were being watched carefully.

What was even more striking was that with lands exchanging ownership, Western countries imposed that the land that uses traditional agricultural methods by the local people must be removed from all state authority.

It was also stated in the report that in recent years China had usage rights of billions of hectares of African land. Whether through rental or sales, China has – irrespective of the price it had to pay – with land in its hand has strongly increased its opposition. China had expressed interest in Ethiopia, Congo, Zimbabwe and Cameroon which had closed off the land.

Mbunge atimiza ahadi ya maji kwa wapiga kura wake

Wananchi wa kijiji cha Kitewele, Kata ya Mawengi Ludewa wakiwa wamebeba bomba za maji zilizotolewa na mbunge wao Deo Filikunjombe kwenda kijijini kwao umbali wa zaidi ya Km 6 kutoka eneo la barabara ziliposhushwa bomba hizo.

Wananchi wa Kijiji cha Kitewele kata ya Mawengi wilaya ya Ludewa mkoani Njombe, wanatarajia kuanza kunufaika na huduma ya maji safi na salama ya bomba baada ya kukamilika kwa ununuzi wa vifaa ikiwemo mabomba ya kutandika ardhini ambayo yamegharimu kiasi shilingi zaidi ya Milioni 26 msaada uliotolewa na mbunge wa jimbo la Ludewa Deo Filikunjombe .

Akizungumza leo na wananchi hao mara baada ya kukabidhi vifaa hivyo mbunge Filikunjombe alisema kuwa kukabidhi kwa vifaa hivyo na mradi huo wa maji ni utekelezaji wa ahadi yake ya maji kwa wananchi hao aliyoitoa mwaka 2012 kufiatia ombi la wananchi hao zaidi ya 800 waliokuwa wakikabiliwa na adha ya maji .
Mbunge Filikunjombe alisema kuwa toka nchi itape uhuru mwaka 1961 wananchi hao hawajapata kuwa na maji safi na salama na kuwa miaka yote wamekuwa wakitumia maji ya mito ambayo si safi na salama kabla ya kufika na kuombwa kuwasaidia kupata huduma hiyo ya maji safi .

“Ndugu zangu nikiwa kama mbunge wenu nimekuwa nikiumia zaidi kuona wananchi wangu mnapata shida ya maji na ndio sababu ya kuahidi kuungana nanyi katika kuwafikishia huduma ya maji….ombi langu kwenu tuzidi kushirikiana ili kutatua kero zetu bila kusubiri wahisani “

Miaka miwili iliyopita, Mbunge wa Jimbo la Ludewa, Deo Filikunjombe alishuhudia kadhia hiyo akiwa katika Zahanati ya kijiji hicho na akawaahidi wananchi kuwafikishia maji, ahadi ambayo ameitekeleza mwaka huu na kukabidhi mabomba kwa wananchi yenye thamani ya zaidi ya shilingi milioni 20 tayari kwa kuanza kazi ya kuchimba mitaro na kutandika mabomba hayo.

Hata hivyo alisema kuwa maendeleo ya wananchi wa Kitelewe na jimbo la Ludewa yataletwa na wananchi wenyewe kwa kuunganisha nguvu zao pasipo kusubiri wahisani na kuwa baadhi ya maeneo ya wilaya hiyo wananchi siku zote wamekuwa wakijitolea kushiriki katika maendeleo mbali mbali.

Akielezea kuhusu adha ya maji katika jimbo lake na jinsi alivyoshiriki kutatua alisema kuwa yapo maeneo ambayo wananchi wamekuwa na adha kubwa ya maji na tayari ameanza kumaliza kero hiyo.

Kwa upande wake diwani wa viti maalum tarafa ya Mawengi Bilgeter Haule aliema kuwa moja ya vitu ambavyo wana Ludewa wanajivunia ni kumpata mbunge ambaye anawajibika kwa wananchi kama ilivyo kwa mbunge huyo.

“Tanzania mtu ambae hatakuj kusaulik ni pamoja na baba wa Taifa mwalimu Julius Nyerere ambae alitanagazwa kuwa mwana heri ila kwetu Ludewa kutokana na kero tulizozipata toka uhuru hadi leo ambapo zinapatiwa ufumbuzi kwa pamoja tutamkumbuka mheshimiwa mbunge wetu Deo Filikunjombe kama mwanaheri baada ya kutatua kero zetu na kuondoka katika kundi la watanzania wasiofurahia uhuru wao.”

Wannchi wa Kitewele wakimpokea mbunge Filikunjombe kushoto

Baadhi ya wananchi wa kitewele wakiwakatika mkutano huo

Wananchi wakimsikiliza mbunge wao kwa makini

Mbunge Filikunjombe kulia akijibu swali la mkazi wa kijiji cha Kitelewe kushoto huku wakifurahi wote baada ya majibu mazuri ya kutaka wazee na vijana kuungana kushiriki katika maendeleo

Mbunge wa jimbo la Ludewa Deo Filikunjombe kushoto akikabidhi masaada wa vitaa vya maji safi vyenye thamani ya Tsh milioni 26 kwa wananchi wa kijiji cha Kitewele kata ya Mawengi Ludewa jana

Wananchi wa kijiji cha Kitewele kata ya Mawengi Ludewa wakiwa wamebeba bomba za maji zilizotolewa na mbunge wao Deo Filikunjombe kwenda kijijini kwao umbali wa zaidi ya Km 6 kutoka eneo la barabara ziliposhushwa bomba hizo.

Wananchi wa kijiji cha Kitelewe wakishiriki kubeba bomba za maji zilizotolewa msaada na mbunge wao Filikunjombe

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Rais Mugabe ateua mrithi baada ya kumtimua Bi. Mujuru

Mnangagwa, Mugabe na Mujuru
Mnangagwa, Mugabe na Mujuru

Rais wa Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe amemteua Waziri wa Sheria wa nchi hiyo, Emmerson Mnangagwa, kuwa mrithi wake.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, ameteuliwa Jumatano Desemba 10 mwaka 2014 kuwa naibu mwenyekiti wa chama tawala cha ZANU-PF, na makamu wa rais wa taifa la Zimbabwe. Nafasi hiyo ni mhimu, wakati ambapo rais Mugabe ana umri wa miaka 90.

Iwapo kifo kitamkuta Robert Mugabe hakuna shaka, mrithi wake ndiye atapaswa kuchukua madaraka ya uongozi wa nchi.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, ni mshirika wa karibu wa Robert Mugabe. Aliwahi kuhudumu kwenye wizara muhimu. Aliwahi kuwa Waziri wa Usalama wa taifa, Waziri wa ulinzi na Waziri wa sheria.

Emmerson Mnangagwa ni mtu anayeogopwa. Aliwahi kukomesha machafuko ya watu waliokua walijitenga katika majimbo ya Matabeleland na Midlands baada ya uhuru. machafuko hayo yalisababisha vifo vya watu 20, 000. Mnangagwa alijua baadaye kuwa alifundishwa " kuharibu na kuua" kabla.

Huenda akawa mmoja kati ya watu tajiri katika utawala wa Mugabe, akipata faida hususan katika migodi ya dhahabu.

Kulingana na mwanadiplomasia mmoja wa Marekani, kiongozi huyo alipata utajiri, kufuatia dhahabu alizo kua akijizolea wakati alipomsaidia rais wa Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Congo, Laurent Kabila, kupambana na waasi nchini humo.

Miezi ya hivi karibuni, Mnangagwa, alishirikiana na mke wa Robert Mugabe, Grace Mugabe, ili wamuangushe Joice Mujuru kwenye wadhifa wa Waziri mkuu tangu miaka kumi iliyopita.

Rais wa Mugabe alimfuta kazi Makamu wake Joice Mujuru kwa madai ya kupanga mbinu za kumuua na pia kuhusika na kashfa za ufisadi.

Pamoja na Bi Mujuru, rais Mugabe aliwafuta kazi Mawaziri 7 waliokuwa wanaegemea upande Makamu wa rais.

Bi Mujuru alikanusha madai kuwa alikuwa anapanga njama za kumuua rais Mugabe kama ilivyodaiwa na mke wa rais Grace.

Mbali na kufutwa kazi kama Makamu wa rais, Bi Mujuru ambaye wakati mmoja alioneakna kuwa huenda akawa mrithi wa Mugabe, pia aliondolewa katika Kamati Kuu ya chama cha ZANU-PF.

Miongoni mwa Mawaziri ambao walifutwa kazi ni pamoja na Waziri wa Usalama wa ndani, Didymus Mutasa, ambaye alikuwa mshirika wa karibu wa Mugabe na Waziri wa Nishati, Dzikamai Mavhaire, mshirika wa karibu wa Bi Mujuru.

Kwa muda wa miezi mitatu sasa rais Mugabe na Makamu wake wa rais, hawajawa na uhusiano mzuri, na kuondolewa kwake katika wadhifa huo hakujawashangaza wananchi wa Zimbabwe.

Vodacom yabwagwa katika fainali za ligi ya Makampuni

Mchezaji wa Timu ya Vodacom, Carlos Sylvester (kushoto) akitafuta mbinu ya kumtoka mchezaji wa timu ya, BQ CONTRACTORS, Emil Michael katika fainali ya ligi ya makampuni iliyofanyika kwenye Viwanja vya Shule ya Laureate International School jijini Dar es Salaam,BQ CONTRACTORS ilishinda 3-1.

Mchezaji wa Timu ya Vodacom Tanzania, Osca Coby akiwatoka wachezaji wa Timu ya CRDB katika fainali ya ligi za makampuni iliyofanyika kwenye Viwanja vya Shule ya Laureate International School jijini Dar es Salaam,CRDB waliilaza Vodacom1-0.

Ofisa rasilimali watu wa Vodacom Tanzania, Ndihagati Biduga akishangilia baada ya timu yake kupata goli la kufutia machozi wakati wa fainali za makampuni ambapo Vodacom ilishindwa na BQ CONTRACTORS 3-1, mchezo huo uliofanyika kwenye Viwanja vya Shule ya Laureate International School jijini Dar es Salaam.

Tathimini ya ripoti mradi wa GEWE yazinduliwa Dar

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akionesha ripoti ya GEWE mara baada ya uzinduzi wake leo jijini Dar es Salaam.
Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akionesha ripoti ya GEWE mara baada ya uzinduzi wake leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

CHAMA cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA) kwa kushirikiana na taasisi anuai za kijamii kimezinduwa tathmini ya ripoti juu ya utekelezaji wa mradi wa Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE).

Akizinduwa ripoti hiyo leo jijini Dar es Salaam, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka alisema mradi huo umekuwa na mafanikio makubwa kwa jamii katika kujitambua na kuibua vitendo vya Ukatili wa kijinsia ikiwa ni pamoja na vyombo vya habari kuibua vitendo hivyo zaidi ya hapo awali.

Alisema idadi kubwa ya habari, makala na vipindi vya redio na televisheni juu ya masuala ya ukatili vimefanywa maeneo mbalimbali nchini, jambo ambalo limeonesha mafanikio ikiwa ni pamoja na jamii kuelewa zaidi masuala ya ukatili na unyanyasaji na wengine kuanza kuyapiga vita kwa ushirikiano.

Aidha Mkurugenzi huyo Mtendaji wa TAMWA alisema mradi huo ulitekelezwa kwa pamoja kwa ushirikiano wa Mtandao wa Jinsia Tanzania (TGNP), Chama cha Wanasheria Wanawake Tanzania (TAWLA), Chama cha Wanasheria Wanawake Zanzibar (ZAFELA) na Kituo cha Usuluhishi cha TAMWA (CRC), kinatekeleza mpango wa kutokomeza ukatili na unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE II) katika wilaya 10 za Tanzania bara na Zanzibar.

Kwa upande wake Matha Samwel Mratibu wa Mradi wa GEWE kutoka TGNP Mtandao, akizungumza alisema mradi huo umekuwa na mafanikio makubwa kiasi cha kuibua changamoto ambazo zinaitaji utatuzi kwa ushirikiano na wadau wengine mbalimbali.

"...Katika kipindi cha utekelezaji wa mradi wa GEWE kumekuwa na mafanikio makubwa, moja wapo kubwa ni kuanzishwa kwa vituo vya taarifa na maarifa katika wilaya zote 10 za mradi, ambapo vituo hivyo vimekuwa vikitumika kama sehemu ya kutolea taarifa kwa jamii...sehemu ambayo wanajamii wanawake na wanaume wanakutana na kubadilishana taarifa na kuangalia namna ya kutatua matatizo yao yanayotoka katika jamii kama kubakwa, vipigo au kulawitiwa na mengineyo," alisema Bi. Samwel.

Hata hivyo aliongeza kuwa vituo vya taarifa na maarifa vimekuwa na msaada mkubwa katika maeneo hayo kwani jamii zimeweza kuvitumia pia kwa kujadili namna ya kukuza uchumi kwenye familia zao kwa kuanzisha vikundi vya kijasiriamali vinavyochangia pia kupunguza umasikini kwenye jamii suala ambalo linachangia vitendo vya ukatili wa kijinsia kwenye jamii.

Anasema vituo vya taarifa na maarifa vimekuwa vikiunganisha nguvu na serikali na vyombo vingine vya dola kuhakikisha wanapambana na vitendo vya ukatili kwa kuhakikisha sheria inachukua mkondo wake kwa watu wanaohusika ama kutuhumiwa na vitendo vya ukatili. Alitolea mfano katika eneo la Mwananyamala Kituo cha Taarifa na Maarifa kilishirikiana na Serikali kwa kuibua taarifa ya kuteswa kwa binti wa kazi za ndani na mwajiri wake jambo ambalo liliwezesha bosi huyo kufikishwa mahakamani.

"...Hivyo waweza kuona matokeo makubwa katika mradi wa GEWE ni kuanzishwa vituo vya taarifa na maarifa sehemu ambayo imekuwa ni kimbilio la wengi, na pili ni nguvu ya pamoja ya jamii katika uwajibikaji. Lakini changamoto iliyopo sasa ni namna ya kuwasaidia kwa kuwaifadhi waathiriwa wa vitendo vya ukatili wa kijinsia katika jamii," alisema Mratibu huyo.

Aidha aliitaka Serikali na wadau wengine kujitokeza na kushirikiana katika kujenga kituo kikubwa cha kuwasaidi wananchi ambao wamekumbana na ukatili wa kijinsia wakati wakipatiwa huduma kabla ya kurejea katika jamii yao. "...Mfano kumekuwa kuna mabinti hata hapa Dar es Salaam wamekuwa wakikimbia kukeketwa na familia zao lakini hakuna sehemu ya kuwaifadhi, hivyo tunaiomba Serikali na wadau wengine wajitokeze ili kuunganisha nguvu tujenge kituo hiki," alisema.

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akizungumza na viongozi wa vituo vya taarifa na maarifa waliokuwa katika hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya GEWE jijini Dar es Salaam. Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akizungumza na viongozi wa vituo vya taarifa na maarifa waliokuwa katika hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya GEWE jijini Dar es Salaam.

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akizungumza katika hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE) leo jijini Dar es Salaam. Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akizungumza katika hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE) leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

Baadhi ya wanahabari na viongozi wa vituo vya taarifa na maarifa wakifuatilia hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya GEWE jijini Dar es Salaam Makao Makuu ya Ofisi za TAMWA Sinza Mori Dar es Salaam. Baadhi ya wanahabari na viongozi wa vituo vya taarifa na maarifa wakifuatilia hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya GEWE jijini Dar es Salaam Makao Makuu ya Ofisi za TAMWA Sinza Mori Dar es Salaam.

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka pamoja na meza kuu wakionesha ripoti ya GEWE mara baada ya uzinduzi wake leo jijini Dar es Salaam.  Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka pamoja na meza kuu wakionesha ripoti ya GEWE mara baada ya uzinduzi wake leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka pamoja na meza kuu wakionesha ripoti ya GEWE mara baada ya uzinduzi wake leo jijini Dar es Salaam.  Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka pamoja na meza kuu wakionesha ripoti ya GEWE mara baada ya uzinduzi wake leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

Mratibu wa Kituo cha Usuluhishi (CRC), Bi. Gladness Munuo (wa kwanza kushoto) akizungumza katika uzinduzi wa ripoti ya Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE) leo jijini Dar es Salaam Mratibu wa Kituo cha Usuluhishi (CRC), Bi. Gladness Munuo (wa kwanza kushoto) akizungumza katika uzinduzi wa ripoti ya Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE) leo jijini Dar es Salaam

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akizungumza katika hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE) leo jijini Dar es Salaam. Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Chama cha Wanahabari Wanawake Tanzania (TAMWA), Bi. Valerie Msoka akizungumza katika hafla ya uzinduzi wa ripoti ya Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE) leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

TAMWA Yazinduwa Tathmini ya Ripoti Mradi wa GEWE
Mratibu wa Mradi wa GEWE kutoka TGNP Mtandao, Matha Samwel akizungumza na vyombo vya habari katika uzinduzi wa ripoti ya Kutokomeza Ukatili na vitendo vya Unyanyasaji wa kijinsia dhidi ya wanawake na watoto (GEWE) leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

*Imeandaliwa na

Waziri usijikane unapopongezwa kwa kuchangia 15,000/= za maafa

ZIKIWA zimepita siku mbili toka uongozi wa serikali ya tarafa ya Mawengi wilaya ya Ludewa mkoani Njombe kuwapongeza wadau mbalimbali waliojitokeza kuchagia shule ya msingi Ludewa mjini iliyokubwa na maafa kwa vyumba vya madarasa vitatu kuezuliwa na kimbunga na uongozi wa tarafa hiyo kuwashukuru waliojitokeza kuchangia akiwemo Naibu Waziri wa Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia na Watoto, Pindi Chana (Mb) aliyechangia kiasi cha Tsh 15,000.

Ifahamike wazi kuwa shule hiyo ilikumbwa na maafa ya kuezuliwa kwa paa zake za vyumba hivyo vitatu na hivyo kusababisha watoto zaidi ya 200 kukosa sehemu ya kusomea na hivyo kulazimika kubanana katika vyumba vilivyopo toka Februari 28 mwaka huu.

Si mzazi wala mwalimu au serikali ngazi ya kijiji hadi Taifa ambayo ilipenda kutokea kwa maafa hayo kwani hilo lilikuwa ni pigo kubwa kwa shule hiyo na njia pekee ya kutatua tatizo hilo ilikuwa ni serikali kupitia kitengo cha maafa, Halmashauri ama wadau mbalimbali wakiwemo wananchi na viongozi wao kama madiwani na Wabunge kwa maana ya Mbunge wa jimbo na Mbunge wa Viti Maalum.

Katika kuliona hilo, Waziri Pindi ambae ni mbunge wa Viti Maalum mkoa wa Njombe kupitia CCM alifika shuleni hapo Mei 5 mwaka huu na mbali ya kuwapa pole walimu kwa maafa hayo na zawadi nyingine alizotoa kwa walimu shuleni hapo ikiwemo ya vitabu vya kujisomea wanafunzi, pia alitoa zawadi ya kalamu moja moja kwa walimu wote shuleni hapo. Ili kuwafanya walimu wakumbuke msaada huo, alitoa kalamu zenye nembo ya CCM na zenye jina lake. Jambo hilo si baya na linapaswa kuungwa mkono kwa kila mdau wa maendeleo ya elimu katika kuwapa motisha walimu wetu.

Aidha, Mheshimiwa waziri wangu Chana ambae ndiye Wizara yake inahusika na watoto, kwa kuliona tatizo hilo la vyumba vya madarasa kuezuliwa alionyesha kuguswa zaidi na hata kuwa kiongozi wa kwanza kuanza kuchangia mchango kwa ajili ya harambee ya ujenzi wa vyumba hivyo kwa kuchangia kiasi cha Tsh 15,000/= kupitia kwa mkuu wa shule hiyo Agnes Mageza ambaye pia kulingana na utaratibu wa ukusanyaji wa fedha hizo na kuepuka matumizi yasiyotarajiwa na fedha za maafa,  alilazimika kuzipeleka fedha hizo kwa Afisa Mtendaji wa kijiji ili kuzihifadhi kwa taratibu na kutoa stakabadhi kwa kila mchangiaji kama ilivyo taratibu za upokeaji wa fedha za michago mbalimbali.

Pamoja na Waziri Pindi, Mbunge wa Jimbo la Ludewa, Deo Filikunjombe katika kuunga mkono jitihada za wapiga kura wake kwa wakati huo alipeleka saruji mifuko 50 ili kuanza kukarabati shule hiyo huku wananchi wakichangishana kiasi cha Tsh milioni 1.8 kati ya zaidi ya Tsh milioni 13 zilizokuwa zikihitajika ili kurejesha vyumba hivyo vya madarasa katika hali yake na watoto wapata kusoma.

Kasi ya michango kwa wananchi ilikuwa chini zaidi kwani hadi Desemba hii ni Tsh milioni 1.8 pekee na saruji mifuko 50 ndio iliyopatikana na kama kasi hiyo ingeendelea,  hivyo hadi wananchi hao waweze kujenga vyumba hivyo kwa kupata Tsh milioni 13 basi ingekuwa ni mwakani mwezi Desemba.

Kwa kuliona hilo na uchungu wa maendeleo ya elimu kwa watoto hao mbunge Filikunjombe alilazimika kujitolea kujenga upya vyumba hivyo kwa zaidi ya Tsh milioni 13 ujenzi ulioanza Jumatatu wiki hii na wakati wa kujitolea  kufanya hivyo Mkuu wa Shule hiyo, Bi Mageza na Katibu Tarafa ya Mawengi waliwashukuru wadau mbalimbali waliochangia akiwemo Waziri Chana aliyechagia Tsh 15,000.

Ajabu ni kwamba, baada ya vyombo vya habari kuripoti habari hiyo ya Waziri kupongezwa kwa kuchangia kiasi hicho cha fedha, Waziri Chana alinukuliwa akikana kuchangia maafa katika shule hiyo na hata kudai kuwa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) wanamchafua .

Hivyo mtandao wa Matukio Daima" umelazimika kutafuta ushahidi wa kile ambacho alikitoa pamoja na wengine ambao wamepata kuchangia maafa hayo kama ukweli unavyoonekana hapo juu.

Ushauri wetu "Matukio Daima" kwa Mhe. Chana ni kuwa shule hiyo ina majengo mengi ambayo yamechakaa hivyo si wakati wa kuanza kuruka kivuli chako mwenyewe. Ni wakati wa kuungana na mbunge mwenzako Filikunjombe kuleta maendeleo kwa wana Ludewa badala ya kutafuta utukufu kwa msaada usio na tija. Kama umeona kiasi hicho cha fedha ni fedheha, jitokeze kuchangia zaidi ya ule ambao wengine wamechangia kwa ajili ya kuboresha majengo ya shule hiyo.

Kamwe hatutakubali kuwa manabii ya uongo wa kukusingizia Waziri Pindi Chana kwa jambo ambalo hujalifanya. Tutaendelea kukupongeza na kukutia moyo kuzidi kuchangia kulingana na uwezo wako. Ukitoa padogo, unapopongezwa, usiruke kivuli chako.


  • Taarifa hii imepokelewa kutoka kwa Francis Godwin/Matukio Daima blog

Mkutano wa kukuza biashara na ushirikiano kuhusu umeme Afrika kufanyika Washington DC, Januari



Umeme Afrika: Mkutano umepangwa kukuza biashara na ushirikiano kwa sekta za umeme za Afrika mjini Washington DC Januari hii

Umeme Afrika: Mkutano Utafanyika Katika Mji wa Washington DC, Tarehe 28-30 Januari 2015, Na Ahadi Kutoka Nchi 12 za Afrika Kukuza Ushiriki wa Sekta ya Kibinafsi Katika Sekta ya Umeme ya Afrika

WASHINGTON, December 10, 2014-- Kwa miaka 20 iliyopita EnergyNet imepanga mikutano ya wawekezaji na baadhi ya wakuzaji wa umeme wa kuaminika na mashuhuri wanaoendesha biashara barani Afrika.  Symbion Power, GE, Siemens, Copperbelt, Goldwind, Azura Power, Aldwych, Karpowership, Globeleq, Schneider Electric, ESBi, Transcorp, Chint, China State Grid, Hanergy na makampuni mengine ambayo yametoa ahadi za muda mrefu katika sekta hii na kuwekeza katika ufumbuzi endelevu. Haya ni makampuni makubwa yenye mizania imara yanayotambuliwa na baadhi ya benki kubwa.

Licha ya mvuto, ujuzi na tajiriba hii yote, mabiliano ya madola yametumiwa katika ukuzaji kwa miaka 20 iliyopita na miradi mingi haijafikisha kikomo cha kifedha.  Kwa hivyo, swali moja muhimu kujiuliza ni ni njia gani ya sasa ya kufanya mambo ndiyo ya kudumu?

Wawekezaji wanaweza kuwajibikaje kwa mafanikio na kasi ya ukuzaji wa miradi ya muda mrefu inayoendelea? Hatimaye, serikali za Afrika na sekta ya umma ndio "mamlaka barani Afrika" na ni jukumu lao kujenga stesheni za umeme na kusambaza umeme kwa watu. Usambazaji wa umeme unaweza kuongeza manufaa kwa wote, lakini jambo la muhimu pia ni kwamba unaweza kuongeza ustawi ili kukuza uwekezaji wa sekta ya kibinafsi zaidi, kuongeza ajira zaidi na hata utajiri zaidi.

Jambo hili linaonekana likiwa rahisi.... Bila shaka linaonekana likiwa rahisi, lakini wakati mwekezaji mtarajiwa anashirikiana barani kote na wizara zisizo na miundombinu ya teknolojia na uzoefu wowote wa kimataifa katika idara zote, anaanza kuelewa changamoto ambazo serikali na wakuzaji wanakumbana nazo wakijaribu kukubailiana.

Mwaka uliopita tuliona mabadiliko katika mazungumzo na mabadiliko ya kuelekea upande mzuri unaolenga ujenzi wa uwezo na usaidizi wa miundombinu kwa mashirika ya sekta ya umma. 

Symbion Power, Schneider, GE, Aggreko, na Norton Rose Fulbright na makampuni mengine yamekuwa yakiwekeza katika ujenzi wa uwezo wa muda mrefu ikiwa ni pamoja na kutoa mafunzo ya kiwango cha chini.   Makampuni haya, pamoja na PwC na Deloitte yanashirikiana na mashirika ya sekta ya umma katika miradi zaidi ya ukuzaji ili kusaidia ujenzi wa uwezo. Hatua moja muhimu imekuwa kuzinduliwa kwa mpango wa "Umeme Afrika" wa Rais Obama ulioundwa kuongeza upatikanaji wa umeme katika Afrika yote Kusini mwa Sahara.  Mpango wa Umeme Afrika unataka kuimarisha uwezo wa mashirika na watu unaohitajika kuvutia uwekezaji kwa misingi endelevu ya muda mrefu na kudhibiti sekta ya umeme inayokua kwa ufanisi.

Tangu kuzinduliwa kwake mwishoni mwa Juni 2013, mpango wa Umeme Afrika umesaidia kurahisisha uhusiano wa kifedha wa miamala ya sekta ya kibinafsi ambao unatarajiwa kuzalisha zaidi ya Megawati 3,100 (MW) za uwezo wa uzalishaji mpya.  Zaidi ya hayo, mpango wa Umeme Afrika tayari umegawanya zaidi ya dola bilioni 20 kama ahadi kwa zaidi ya wabia 80 wa sekta ya kibinafsi.  Mpango wa Umeme Afrika pia umeingia katika ubia wa kimkakati na Benki ya Dunia, Benki ya Ukuzaji ya Afrika na Serikali ya Uswidi, ambao kwa jumla wameahidi dola bilioni 9 zaidi.

Katika 'Mkutano wa Umeme Afrika' ( utakaofanyika Washington mwezi ujao nyingi ya changamoto na fursa zitajadiliwa, wengi wa wawekezaji walio katika mpango huo wakihudhuria ikiwa ni pamoja na wale kutoka AfDB, Benki ya Dunia, Serikali ya Marekani na wabia wa sekta ya kibinfasi.

Tukiwa na ushirikiano kama huo wa nguvu kati ya wawekezaji wa kimataifa, tuna uhakika kwamba sio jambo la 'kama' utaleta fursa, bali ni 'wakati' fursa hizo zitaabadilisha maisha ya walio mashinani.

Ikiwa imelenga sekta ya umeme ya Afrika na uzalishaji wa umeme katika masoko yanayokua kwa miaka 20, EnergyNet imepata fursa ya kushuhudia juhudi na ahadi ya muda mrefu inayohitajika 'kuwasha taa barani Afrika.'  Leo kuna shauku kubwa na 'matarajio' zaidi kuhusu uwezo wa soko la umeme la Afrika, na tunafurahia kushiriki katika jukumu dogo kama hilo katika sekta muhimu na ya kusisimua.

Kuanzia tarehe 28-30 Januari 2015, EnergyNet itakaribisha wajumbe wa Wizara na maofisa kutoka mashiriki ya huduma na udhibiti kutoka Afrika kwa mkutano na washikadau wa sekta ya kibinafsi na umma ya Marekani katika Mkutano wa Umeme wa Afrika: ambapo wataendelea na mazungumzo muhimu kuhusu jinsi ya kudumisha kasi ya kujenga sekta ya umeme Afrika.

Kwa maelezo zaidi kuhusu Mkutano wa Umeme Afrika:
Tarehe za mkutano: Tarehe 28-30 Januari 2015
Wapi: Hoteli ya St. Regis, Washington DC.
Anwani: Amy Offord, Meneja wa Uuzaji
Barua pepe: [email protected]       

Twaweza appoints Aidan Eyakuze as new Executive Director

Aidan Eyakuze (image:

Twaweza East Africa today announced the appointment of Aidan Eyakuze as its new Executive Director. Eyakuze, who was selected after an extensive international search, will take up his new post on 1 March, 2015. He will replace Twaweza’s founder and current head, Rakesh Rajani.

Educated as an economist, Eyakuze has been a thought leader on issues of development in East Africa for the past 15 years. He currently serves as Associate Regional Director of the Society for International Development (SID) and head of the SID Tanzania office. He is a scenario practitioner who has participated in national scenario-building projects in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and elsewhere.

As Director of the SID’s Futures Programme since 2006, Eyakuze has led the publication of the State of East Africa Reports and facilitates futures thinking for private sector, civil society and public organisations. He is an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow and is a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN). He serves on the Governing Board of the Millennium Challenge Account (Tanzania), ICEA Lion General Insurance Company (Tanzania) and NIC Bank Tanzania Limited.

Eyakuze is a co-founding director of Serengeti Advisers Limited, a regional advisory firm in economic and public policy analysis, corporate finance and media analysis. He maintains a keen intellectual and professional interest in economic policy, financial markets and trends in information and communications technologies and their impact on society.

A citizen of Tanzania, Eyakuze graduated with a BSc in Economics from Trent University and a MA in Economics from Simon Fraser University, both in Canada.

Aidan brings vision, intellectual curiosity, strong analytical skills and a track record of effective public and policy engagement”, said Ben Witjes, Program Director at Hivos and Chair of Twaweza’s Governance Board, “we are excited to support him to lead the second phase of our work.

Rajani noted that, “We were looking for a bold leader, who uses data and evidence for policy engagement; who is thoughtful, creative and independent; who is able to straddle different worlds and connect global engagement with on-the-ground realities; and who can inspire and manage a strong team. Aidan is a wonderful embodiment of these characteristics.

On learning of his appointment Eyakuze remarked, “I am honoured to serve as Twaweza’s Executive Director. The opportunity to lead such a high quality East African organization with a global reputation is a unique privilege. I have collaborated with Twaweza on several occasions, and admire the organization’s vision of ordinary East Africans confidently acting to make a positive difference in their lives and communities. Twaweza’s dedication to fresh thinking and new ways of weaving evidence, citizen action and responsive authorities to transform basic education and open government is inspiring. I am eager to start learning from the whole team and our partners across East Africa and beyond. In turn I look forward to sharing my experience from the corporate world, policy research and public interest scenarios as we move into the second leg of our journey.

Rakesh Rajani will step down on 31 December and relocate to New York to take up a new position as Director of Democratic Participation and Governance with the Ford Foundation. Kees de Graaf, Twaweza’s Director of Programs and Services, will serve as the Acting Head until Eyakuze takes over.

Twaweza works on enabling children to learn, citizens to exercise agency and governments to be more open and responsive in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. It has programs, staff and offices across all three countries, and a globally respected practice of learning, monitoring and evaluation. Its flagship programs include Uwezo, Africa’s largest annual citizen assessment to assess children’s learning levels across hundreds of thousands of households, and Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone survey. The organization is also well known for effective public and policy engagement, through powerful media partnerships and its global leadership of initiatives such as the Open Government Partnership. For its first phase Twaweza was housed within Hivos, an independent Dutch development organization with over 30 years’ experience in East Africa.

Martha Mlata atoa sola kwa Sekondari ya Mkalama

 KERO ya maji safi na salama katika Shule ya Sekondari ya Nduguti wilayani Mkalama, imeanza kupatiwa ufumbuzi baada ya Mbunge wa Viti Maalumu Mkoa wa Singida, Martha Mlata, kubeba jukumu la kusaidia.

Martha, ambaye amekuwa akishiriki kwenye kusaidia huduma za kijamii kuhususan elimu na afya, ametosa sh. milioni tatu katika kuhakikisha kero hiyo inapatiwa ufumbuzi.

Awali, wanafunzi walikuwa wakilazimika kukatisha masomo kwa saa 40 kwa mwezi ili kufuata maji umbali mrefu hivyo kukosa masomo.

Akizungumza kwenye mahafali ya Sita ya Shule hiyo ambapo mgeni rasmi alikuwa Martha, Mkuu wa Shule Frank Malile, alisema tatizo la maji limekuwa sugu shuleni hapo.

Hata hivyo, alipongeza msaada huo wa Martha akisema utasaidia kupunguza kero hiyo na kwamba, ni mwanga wa kuelekea kwenye mafanikio ya kero hiyo kubaki historia.

“Shule yetu inakabiliwa na tatizo sugu la maji ambalo hukwmisha shughuli ikiwemo chakula kwa wanafunzi. Maji hufuatwa umbali mrefu na baadhi ya visima yanapopatikana ni vya wazi hivyo kuhatarisha usalama wa wanafunzi wetu,” alisema.

Changamoto nyingine iliyowasilishwa mbele ya Martha ni uhaba wa nyumba za walimu, mabweni ya wanafunzi kutokuwa na madirisha, vitanda, vyoo na ukosefu wa jengo la utawala.

Akizungumza kabla ya kukabidhi vyeti kwa wahitimu, Martha alisema nyumba za walimu pamoja na umaliziaji wa majengo ya bweni la wanafunzi wa kike, nguvu za kila mzazi na mlezi zinahitajika.

Pia aliahidi kuwasiliana na uongozi wa Mamlaka ya Elimu Tanzania (TEA), ambayo imejikita zaidi kuhakikisha mabweni kwa ajili ya wanafunzi wakiwemo wa kike yanajengwa katika shule mbalimbali nchini.

Martha alisema TEA imeonyesha nia ya dhati ya kuanza kujenga mabweni 30 kwa ajili ya wanafunzi wa kike, ambao ni wahanga wa vitendo viovu katika jamii.

“Serikali imeamua kulivalia njuga suala hili kukomboa mtoto wa kike kutokana na vikwazo anavyopata katika elimu vikiwemo mila potofu kuwatumia watoto wa kike kama chombo duni kisicho na msaada."

Katika mahafali hayo, mbali na kukabidhi sh. Milioni tatu taslim mbunge huyo, miti 50 ya miembe kwa ajili ya kuimarisha mazingira, vifaa vya michezo kwa shule za wanawake na wanaume.

Pia, alikabidhi sola 19 ambazo zitasambazwa kwenye sekondari za kata kwa ajili ya kuwezesha wanafunzi kusoma nyakati za usiku.

Prof. Mbele: Uhuru wa Tanganyika na ukoloni mamboleo

(photo by accessed by 10 Dec 2014 EAT)

Siku hii ya leo, ambayo ni ya kumbukumbu ya siku ambapo Tanganyika ilijipatia Uhuru, nilitaka kuandika makala, "Uhuru wa Tanganyika na Ukoloni Mamboleo." Nilianzza kuandika, lakini nilijikuta naandika insha ndefu, sio makala fupi ambayo nadhani inatakiwa katika blogu. Kutokana na jambo hilo, nimeifuta ile makala na badala yake nimeandika kwa ufupi mambo yafuatavyo.

Uhuru tulipata tarehe 9 Desemba, 1961. Nilikuwa mwanafunzi wa darasa la tatu, na ninakumbuka msisimko, hata kule kijijini kwangu. Waalimu wetu, Charles Kinunda, John Pantaleon Mbonde, na Alois Turuka, walikuwa chanzo kikubwa cha ufahamu wetu wa mambo yaliyokuwa yanatokea.

Kati ya kumbukumbu ambazo haziwezi kutoweka akilini mwangu ni picha ya askari Alexander Nyirenda akiweka mwenge wa Uhuru juu ya Mlima Kilimanjaro. Sambamba na tukio hili la kihistoria ni hotuba ya Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, ambamo alisema:

Sisi tunataka kuwasha mwenge, na kuuweka juu ya Mlima Kilimanjaro, ili umulike hata nje ya mipaka yetu, ulete tumaini pale ambapo hakuna matumaini, upendo mahali palipo na chuki, na heshima palipojaa dharau.

Mwalimu Nyerere, alifanya kila juhudi kuliongoza na kulielimisha hili Taifa huru, akisema kuwa tunaingia katika mapambano na maadui watatu: ujinga, umaskini na maradhi. Miaka ilivyopita, alifafanua vizuri malengo mengine ya Taifa hili: kujenga jamii ya usawa kwa wote, isiyo na matabaka; jamii yenye kutoa fursa sawa kwa wote, katika nyanja mbali mbali, kama vile uchumi, elimu, na afya; kuhakikisha kila mtu anatimiza wajibu wa kufanya kazi, chini ya kauli mbiu ya "Uhuru na Kazi," kujenga Taifa linalojitambua, kujiheshimu, na kujitegemea, Taifa huru lisilofungamana na upande wowote katika mazingira yale ya "Cold War," Taifa lenye kukaribisha urafiki na nchi yoyote kwa msingi wa kuheshimiana, Taifa ambalo halitamruhusu rafiki kutuchanguia marafiki au maadui, na tuwe mstari wa mbele kuunga mkono harakati za ukombozi Afrika na sehemu zingine duniani.

Hayo ndio yalikuwa malengo muhimu, ambayo Mwalimu Nyerere aliyaelezea katika hotuba zake, makala na vitabu mbali mbali. Alikuwa akienda na wakati, akizingatia mahitaji ya Taifa yalivyokuwa yanajitokeza. Kwa msingi huu, baada ya "Azimio la Arusha," aliendelea kuandika maandishi mengine, kama vile "Mwongozo," "Siasa ni Kilimo," "Elimu ya Kujitegemea," na "Binadamu na Maendeleo."

Hayo yote, tangu enzi za harakati za Uhuru hadi miaka ya mwisho mwisho ya sabini na kitu, yalifanyika chini ya uongozi wa chama cha TANU. Mtazamo na mwelekeo wa TANU ulikuwa wa kuongoza mapinduzi, kufuatana na mazingira ya kihistoria: kwanza ilikuwa kuwaunganisha wa-Tanganyika na kuwaongoza katika kupigania Uhuru, halafu, kuongoza harakati za kujenga ujamaa na kujitegemea.

Mwalimu Nyerere alifahamu fika kwamba Uhuru haukuwa mwisho wa safari. Kulikuwa na haja ya kupambana na urithi wa ukoloni, yaani ukoloni mamboleo na kuleta uhuru wa kweli, unaodhihirishwa na hali ya kujitegemea chini ya uongozi bora.

Miaka ilivyopita, baada ya chama kipya cha CCM kushika hatamu, hali ilikuwa hiyo kwa kipindi cha mwanzo. Lakini, pole pole, mwelekeo huu wa kuwa daima katika harakati za mapinduzi, ulianza kubadilika. Chini ya sera za CCM, kama vile "Azimio la Zanzibar," nchi imeendelea kuzama zaidi na zaidi katika mfumo wa matabaka na ukoloni mamboleo. Kwa lugha rahisi, CCM ni mhujumu wa Mapinduzi.

Ndoto na mategemeo ya Uhuru yametekwa nyara. Pamoja na kwamba tunasherehekea Uhuru tuliojipatia mwaka 1961, tutambue, kama TANU ilivyotambua, kuwa ule haukuwa mwisho wa safari. Enzi za TANU, tulitegemea kuwa tutajenga nchi ambayo iko chini ya mamlaka ya wakulima na wafanyakazi. Lakini, kama nilivyosema hapa juu, tunazidi kuzama katika ukoloni mamboleo. Wakulima na wafanyakazi, pamoja na washiriki wao, bado wana jukumu la kuendeleza harakati za kutafuta Uhuru wa kweli.

Muuza 'chips' na wengineo waliotunukiwa nishani na Rais Kikwete 09.12.2014

 Baadhi ya watu mashuhuri waliotunukiwa Nishani na Rais Jakaya Kikwete.
 Rais wa Zanzibar, Dk. Ali Mohamed Shein (kushoto), Rais mstaafu Awamu ya Pili, Ali Hassan Mwinyi na Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda wakiwa katika hafla ya kutunuku Nishani Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.
 Rais Jakaya Kikwete akimvisha Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Pili na Rais Jakaya Kikwete, Pius Chipanda Msekwa.
 Rais Jakaya Kikwete akipeana mkono na Pius Chipanda Msekwa baada ya kumtunuku Nishani.
 Rais Jakaya Kikwete akimvisha Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Pili Samuel John Sitta. 
  Jaji Augustino Ramadhani akivishwa Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Pili na Rais Jakaya Kikwete.
 Jaji Augustino Ramadhani akivishwa Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Pili na Rais Jakaya Kikwete.
 Paul Milyango Rupia akivishwa Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Pili.
 Anna Abdallah akipokea Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Tatu.
 Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru akipokea Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Tatu.
 Mwakilish wa marehemu Isaack Abraham Sepetu akipokea Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Tatu kutoka kwa Rais Jakaya Kikwete.
 Ali Ameir Mohamed akivishwa Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Tatu na Rais Jakaya Kikwete.
Balozi Augustine Mahige akivishwa Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Tatu.
 IGP mstaafu, Phillemon Mgaya akipata Nishani na Tuzo kutoka kwa Rais Jakaya Kikwete Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Tatu.
 Bibi Johari Yusuf Akida akipata Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Nne.
 Mwakilishi wa Band ya Atomic Jazz  Band akipata Nishani Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Nne.
 Rais Jakaya Kikwete akimvisha Nishani ya Ushupavu Kassim Said Kassim ambaye ni muuza chips katika maeneo ya Buguruni jijini Dar es Salaam, Kassim alitunukiwa Nishani hiyo baada ya kupambana na jambazi aliyevamina na kupora wateja katika eneo la biashara yake na kumpiga chepe na kusababisha kupatikana kwa bastola moja pamoja na risasi tano.
 Brass Band ikitumbuiza katika hafla hiyo.
Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na viongozi mbalimbali pamoja na wawakilishi wa watunukiwa wa Nishani Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam. 
 Waliopata Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Pili wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Rais Jakaya Kikwete. 
Waliopata Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya Miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Tatu wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Rais Jakaya Kikwete. 
 Rais akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na mwakilishi wa marehemu Sophia Kawawa pamoa na Bibi Johari Yusuf Akida (kulia) baada ya kuwatunuku Nishani ya Kumbukumbu ya miaka 50 ya Muungano Daraja la Nne.
 Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na mwakilishi wa marehemu Brigedia Jenerali mstaafu Adam Mwakanjuki (kulia)
 Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na mtunukiwa wa Nishani ya Ushupavu, Kassim S Kassim wa pili kulia.
 Hongera kwa ushupavu uliouonyesha......
 Rais Jakaya Kikwete akimpongeza Kassim Said Kassim baada ya kumtunuku Nishani ya Ushupavu.
Wakuu wa vikosi vya Ulinzi na Usalama wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Rais Jakaya Kikwete.

picha zote, shukurani kwa Francis Dande