Kenyan, Tanzanian charged with trafficking 10 girls for sexual exploitation

A KENYAN, Mary Amukowa (27) and a Tanzanian, Jackline Milinga (23), appeared before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam yesterday charged with trafficking to Kenya ten girls aged between 18 and 22 for allegedly sexual exploitation.

Before Principal Resident Magistrate Waliarwande Lema, the two accused persons denied the charge. They were remanded in custody because the offence they are charged with is not bailable. The case was adjourned to September 30 for mention as investigations into the matter, according to the prosecution, have not been completed.

Mr Selestine Makoba from the Immigration Department for the prosecution told the court that the accused persons committed the offence on September 4 at Magomeni and Makumbusho within Kinondoni municipality in the city.

It is alleged that the two accused persons, jointly and together, recruited and transported the girls (name withheld), all Tanzanians, from the United Republic of Tanzania to Nairobi in Kenya for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The arraignment of the two accused persons comes hardly a year after three other people, Tanzanian Ally Hamidu Ally (25) and two Pakistan nationals, Muhammad Yousuph (42) and Ajaz Ahmed (49), were charged with human trafficking.

Ally, a resident of Kisarawe in Coast Region, allegedly brought into Tanzania 11 Nepal commandos and soldiers on pretext of providing them jobs in the country, while the two other accused persons were alleged to have transported from Pakistan eight fellow nationals to the country for similar purposes.

It is alleged that Ally had been demanding 3,500 US dollars each in the deal. He is alleged to have abandoned his controversial customers at a certain guest house in the city before being nabbed by the immigration officers.

It is claimed further that the two accused persons have been using a route of Mtwara to South Africa or Mozambique and have been allegedly charging 600 US dollars per head.

Meanwhile, Moshi Primary Court in Kilimanajro Region has sentenced 10 women to six months imprisonment or a fine of 100,000/- each after having been found guilty of engaging in prostitution.

Delivering the judgment on Wednesday, Magistrate-in-Charge Anitha Makao said the court was satisfied beyond doubt with the evidence presented by the complainant, who is police officer WP 3011, prosecutor Elizabeth.

She said the court looked at three key factors, which include the place where they were arrested, clothes as they were half naked and confessions made by them. "After arrests, they were taken to police and failed to explain what types of jobs they were doing.

They were also arrested at Rengua B, known as Malindi Pub, which it was an area of their residence," she explained. However, only three out of ten accused were present during the judgement and therefore the magistrate ordered the arrest of other seven accused who disappeared in a period of one week.

The accused who were present are Rachel John, Lulu Kwayu and Rachel Godluck, while those who disappeared include Ester Allan, Angelina John, Glory Wanjala, Rosemary Sebastian, Anna Valence, Lillian Akwili and Silvia Joseph.

They were arrested on July 29, this year, along Rengua Road near Malindi Pub and Pub Alberto by policemen on patrol at about 4:45pm.
  • Story by Faustine Kapama and Queen Isack/THE DAILY NEWS via AllAfrica

Pres. Kikwete announces new tourism brand campaign: Tanzania, The Soul of Africa


NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) H.E. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President, The United Republic of Tanzania, announced the launch of Tanzania Tourism's new brand campaign, Tanzania, The Soul of Africa. This 30-second TV campaign will be launched globally on CNN America as well as BBC International beginning this October and will run for six months. The announcement was made at the Kilimanjaro Hyatt Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

At the same time, President Kikwete also announced a new online Destination Tanzania portal and APP (now available on Play Store) developed by the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), which will support Tanzanian tourism firms, increase visibility and access to international tourism markets, increase company sales and profitability as well as contribute to poverty alleviation and the national economy of Tanzania. President Kikwete urged Tanzanian tour operators to make use of the portal and APP, stating that these tools would play a significant role in developing and promoting Tanzania's tourism industry and become unique platforms to attract international and regional tourism to Tanzania.

President Kikwete commended the Tanzania Tourist Board and tourism stakeholders for this major campaign initiative, which will continue to position Tanzania as one of Africa's leading tourist destinations. "I am very impressed by the Tanzania Tourist Board's initiative. We need to apply these new approaches in order to effectively compete with other destinations around the world," said President Kikwete. His Excellency further stated that the tourism industry accounts for about 17.2% of the Tanzania GDP and nearly 25% of the total export earnings. The President also emphasized the enormous economic importance of tourism, especially as an "engine of employment" which directly supports an estimated number of 250,000 jobs. The tourism industry is also one of the largest employers in Tanzania and the primary foreign exchange contributor to the economy.

The new Tanzania Tourist Board portal is:


Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, is focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism, with approximately 28% of the land protected by the Government, the largest percentage of any country in the world. Tanzania was named by The New York Times as one of the "52 Places to Go In 2015" and "Best Places To Travel In 2015" by Travel + Leisure. It boasts 16 National Parks and 31 game reserves, 50 Game Controlled Areas, one special Conservation Area (the Ngorongoro) and three Marine Parks. It is home to the tallest mountain in Africa, the legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro; The Serengeti, home to the "Great Animal Migration"; the world acclaimed Ngorongoro Crater, often referred to as the "Eden of Africa" and the "8th Wonder of the World"; Olduvai Gorge, the cradle of mankind: the Selous, the world's largest game reserve; Ruaha, now the second largest National Park in Africa and also featured on Afar Magazine's "2015 Where to Go" list; the spice islands of Zanzibar; and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Most important for visitors, the Tanzanian people, with a rich history and diverse blend of cultures, are warm and friendly. Tanzania, an oasis of peace and stability with a democratically elected and stable government, will celebrate its 54th Anniversary of Independence on December 9th, 2015. For more information on Tanzania, visit

TTB USA Editorial contact:
Karen Hoffman/Lindsay Cortiana
The Bradford Group
212-447-0027/ [email protected]

Lion expert banned from Tanzania for exposing corruption

Since 1978, when he set up the Serengeti Lion Project, Texas-born Craig Packer, author of Lions In The Balance: Man Eaters, Manes and Men With Guns, has been on the front lines of the battle to save the king of the jungle.

But after Packer was banned from entering Tanzania for speaking out against corruption in the government’s wildlife sector the African lion lost one of its greatest champions.

Speaking from his home in Minneapolis, Packer explains how a visit to the Chauvet caves in France was one of the highlights of his life; why Maasai warriors need to find ways of proving their manhood other than by killing lions; and how corruption among high-ranking officials in Tanzania is threatening to destroy the lions of the Serengeti.

President Kikwete leads a High Level Panel in New York

The Chairman of the UN High level panel on Global Response to Health Crises President Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete leads a consultative session in New York shortly after he arrived this morning. On the Left is the UN Deputy Secretary General Mr. Jan Eliason 

The UN Secretary-General has asked the Panel to make recommendations to strengthen national and international systems to prevent and manage future health crises, taking into account lessons learned from the response to the outbreak of Ebola virus disease.

In carrying out its work, the Panel will undertake a wide range of consultations, including with representatives from the affected countries and communities, the United Nations system, multilateral and bilateral financial institutions and regional development banks, non-governmental organizations, countries supporting the response effort, other Member States, health-care providers, academic and research institutions, the private sector and other experts. The Panel will be supported by a Resource Group of leading experts which is to provide advice to the Panel on technical and other issues.

The Panel held its first meeting in early May 2015 and is expected to submit its final report to the Secretary-General at the end of December 2015. The Secretary-General will make the report available to the General Assembly and undertake further action as appropriate.

Other panel members include Celso Amorim from Brazil, Micheline Calmy Rey from Switzerland, Marty Natalegawa from Indonesia, Joy Pumaphi from Botswana and Rajiv Shah from the US.
  • Freddy Maro

Taarifa ya baadhi ya viongozi wa NCCR-mageuzi kuhusu mwenendo wa UKAWA

Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Chama cha NCCR-MAGEUZI,Reticia Ghati Mosore akizungumza na vyombo mbalimbali vya habari katika Hoteli ya Land Mark jijini Dar es Salaam muda huu kuhusiana na ukiukwaji wa taratibu katika umoja wa Katiba ya Wananchi (UKAWA) na kutangaza kuendelea na mapambano nje ya umoja huo wa vyama pinzani. 
Katibu Mkuu wa NCCR-MAGEUZI, Mosena Nyambabe akizungumza na waandishi wa habari juu ya hatima yao ya kupambana kama wenyewe NCCR-MAGEUZI bila ya UKAWA na kuwa chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo CHADEMA kuwa inavibana vyama vishiriki vya UKAWA katika wagombea wa Ubunge majimboni na wagombea wa udiwani katika Kata.


Sisi viongozi wa ngazi ya juu wa Chama cha NCCR-Mageuzi, Makamu Mwenyekiti, Katibu Mkuu tukiwa na Wajumbe wa Halmashauri Kuu ya taifa na viongozi wengine, tumekuja mbele yenu mtusaidie kufikisha ujumbe maalum kwa wanachama wetu na Watanzania wote wanaokiamini chama chetu,

Tumefika kuelezea kutoridhishwa na mwenendo wa ushirikiano wa vyama vinavyounda UKAWA. 

Tumekuja pia kuwaelezea ni hatua gani tulizoamua kuchukua kukabiliana na changamoto hii.

Wengi wenu mnafahamu kuwa UKAWA ni Umoja wa Katiba ya Wananchi ulionzishwa wakati wa Bunge Maalum la Katiba kutetea Rasimu ya Katiba iliyotokana na maoni ya wananchi dhidi ya uchakachuaji uliokuwa unafanywa na CCM.

UKAWA siyo chama cha siasa bali umoja. NCCR-Mageuzi iliamua kujiunga na harakati hizi kwa nia njema ya kutetea maslahi ya taifa letu. Zaidi ya mwaka sasa tangu tujiunge na umoja huu, matokeo yake yamekuwa ni mabaya kwa uhai na ustawi wa chama chetu. Wakati vyama vingine vimezidi kuimarika ndani ya UKAWA, NCCR-Mageuzi imedhoofika. Hali hii haikubaliki.


Vyama vinavyounda UKAWA, vilisaini Makubaliano ya Ushirikiano katika Mkutano wa Hadhara kwenye viwanja vya Jangwani. Kitendo hicho kiliwavutia na kuwapa matumaini wananchi na wao wakazidi kutuunga mkono. Iliamuliwa kwamba tusiuwe vyama vyetu bali tuunganishe nguvu za vyama vyetu kama namna ya kujiimarisha kwa pamoja.


Kabla ya Uchaguzi wa Serikali za Mitaa wa mwaka 2014, vyama vinavyounda UKAWA vilitiliana saini ya Mwongozo wa Ushirikiano katika Uchaguzi huo.

Licha ya kutiliana saini Makubaliano hayo, bado kulikuwa na ukiukwaji mkubwa na wa makusudi wa Mwongozo huo.

Licha ya kuzijadili changamoto zilizojitokeza katika Uchaguzi huo, lakini hazikupatiwa ufumbuzi wowote.

Sisi tuliopo hapa tulionya mapema kuhusu mwenendo huu wa kuvunja makubaliano na tukaomba taratibu tulizokubaliana zitumike ili kurudi kwenye misingi ya UKAWA lakini hatukusikilizwa.


Licha ya changamoto zilizokuwepo, tuliamua kwa pamoja kwamba vyama vya UKAWA tuingie katika Uchaguzi Mkuu tukiwa na makubaliano ya ushirikiano, ikiwemo kuwa na mgombea mmoja wa Urais na kuachiana majimbo ya uchaguzi.

Pia, katika kuendesha umoja huu, tuliunda vyombo vya kutusaidia ambavyo ni:-
Kamati ya Wenyeviti.
Kamati ya Makatibu Wakuu.
Kamati ya Ufundi.
Kamati ya Wataalam.

Pamoja na kuunda vyombo vya kuendesha UKAWA, tangu Januari 2015, bado tumeshindwa kujenga UKAWA imara na tuliyotarajia kwa manufaa ya wanaukawa na wananchi kwa ujumla.

Yafuatayo yamethibitisha hili jambo:
Tumeshindwa kuweka Kanuni za uendeshaji wa UKAWA kama tulivyokubaliana. Kwa maana hiyo,tunafanya mambo kiholela
Tumeshindwa kuunda Kamati zitakazoshughulikia migogoro baina ya vyama.
Tumeshindwa kuunda na kuzisimamia Kamati za Majimbo
Tumeshindwa kupata muafaka wa kuachiana majimbo.

Mfano, NCCR – Mageuzi tuliachiwa majimbo 12 ya Kasulu Vijijini, Kigoma Kusini, Muhambwe, Kasulu Mjini, Vunjo, Ileje, Mbinga Mjini, Manyovu, Buyungu, Ngara, Nkenge na Korogwe mjini. Ikumbukwe kwamba, mwaka 2010, NCCR-Mageuzi ilisimamisha wagombea katika majimbo 67.

Kwa maana hiyo, UKAWA umeturidisha nyuma katika kupata wabunge na kuimarisha chama zaidi ya miaka 20 baada ya kuundwa kwake.

Licha ya kukubaliana kwamba NCCR-Mageuzi iachiwe majimbo 12, wenzetu wa vyama vingine katika UKAWA wamesimamisha wagombea katika majimbo 6 kati ya hayo. Wametuvunja moyo na kutuonyesha kwamba hawatujali. Na hata kule ambapo katika majimbo sita ambapo wametuachia bado wenzetu wanatufanyia fujo kuliko hata wanazotufanyia wanachama wa CCM. Tunamifano mingi ya kuonyesha ni jinsi gani wagombea wetu wanavyofanyiwa vurugu. 

Tumeshindwa kupata muafaka wa namna ya kuachiana wagombea udiwani katika kata nyingi.
Tumeshindwa kuonesha na kukubaliana kila chama kitapata nafasi gani na ngapi katika Serikali ya UKAWA.

Tumeshindwa kufuata utaratibu wa kumpata mgombea Urais wa UKAWA

Tumeshuhudia vurugu kubwa iliyoletwa ndani ya UKAWA na wanachama waliotoka CCM na wao kupewa umuhimu kuliko viongozi wa UKAWA. Zaidi ya Mbatia hakuna kiongozi wa NCCR-Mageuzi anayeshirikishwa, anayezungumza au aliyepo kwenye kampeni za mgombea Urais wa UKAWA.

Tumeshindwa kuwa na timu ya kampeni timu ya UKAWA, ambayo inagharamiwa na UKAWA na inatafuta fedha pamoja, kama ilivyokubaliwa.

Tunashuhudia UKAWA ambayo Chadema ndiyo UKAWA-Bara na CUF ndio UKAWA-Zanzibar. Chadema haijali Zanzibar na CUF haijali Bara. Na NCCR-Mageuzi haipo huku wala kule ikiendelea kudhoofika siku hadi siku.

Tumeshindwa kuona uwazi katika matumizi ya fedha na maamuzi muhimu ya uendeshaji wa UKAWA.

Tumefadhaishwa na kuvunjwa kwa misingi ya kuanzisha kwa UKAWA.

Wakati NCCR imetii mgawanyo wa majimbo kwa vyama vinavyounda UKAWA, vyama vingine na hasa CHADEMA vimesimamisha wagombea kinyume cha makubaliano.


Hatukuwaita hapa kuwaambia kwamba tunajiuzulu siasa kutokana na changamoto hizi. Tumeamua kupambana na kurudisha hadhi na heshima ya Chama chetu. Hatuwezi kubwaga manyanga. Tunataka kuitoa CCM madarakani kutokana na ulaghai na ujanja-ujanja wa miaka 50. Lakini hatuwezi kuitoa CCM kwa mbinu za ulaghai na ujanja-ujanja. Tunakwenda kukabidhiwa dhamana ya kuongoza nchi na Watanzania. Tunao wajibu wa kujiongoza vizuri ili tuwaonyeshe Watanzania kwamba tuna uwezo wa kuwaongoza vizuri.


Tunamshauri Mwenyekiti wetu, ndg. James Mbatia, aitishe vikao vya kikatiba ili tuweze kujadiliana kuhusu hatima ya chama chetu.

Tunashauri ndg. Mbatia asiwemsemaji wa CHADEMA wakati anakiacha chama chake (NCCR-Mageuzi) kinadhoofika. Kwa mfano, Dr. Slaa alipoishambulia Chadema hakuna kiongozi wa Chadema aliyemjibu isipokuwa Mbatia ndiye aliyeamua kujiingiza kwenye ugomvi ndani ya Chadema.

Tutachangishana ili tusafiri kwenye majimbo na kata za wagombea wetu na kuwasaidia kwenye kampeni ili wasibaki wapweke kama yatima.

Tunasisitiza kwamba upinzani wa kweli nchini hauwezi kujengwa kwa njia za hila, kwa kukiuka taratibu za kidemokrasia tulizojiwekea wenyewe, kwa kukiuka misingi muhimu kama uadilifu, kwa kuweka mbele tamaa na maslahi binafsi kuliko taifa, kwa kutegemea propaganda. Tukifanya hivi, wananchi watashindwa kututoufautisha na CCM na wataamua kuchagua zimwi walijualo. Hatari hii tunaiona wazi kabisa.


Leticia Ghati Mossore
Makamu Mwenyekiti (Bara)

Mosena Nyambabe
Katibu Mkuu, NCCR Mageuzi

[video] Lubuva: NEC itatangaza matokeo ya wagombea Urais vituoni

Update/Taarifa Mpya: 

Mwenyekiti wa NEC, Jaji Damian Lubuva alisema tume imepeleka taa katika vituo vyote vya kupigia kura kuepuka kura kuhamishwa na kuhesabiwa sehemu nyingine.

“Tunasema kura zitahesabiwa katika kituo husika lakini inapotokea hiyo sehemu haina taa inabidi kura hizo zihamishiwe katika kituo chenye taa ambako zitasindikizwa na mawakala na zitatenganishwa na za kituo hicho,” alisema Lubuva.

Alisema ili kuepuka hali hiyo Tume imesambaza taa katika vituo vyote vya kupigia kura ambavyo ni 72,000 nchi nzima.

Akizungumzia mchango wa vyombo vya habari katika uchaguzi huu, aliviomba viisaidie tume kutoa taarifa sahihi uchaguzi uwe wa amani.

“Vyombo vya habari vikiwa mstari wa mbele na kufanya kazi yake kwa umakini bila kupotosha vitaisaidia Tume iendeshe uchaguzi katika hali ya amani na utulivu,” alisema Lubuva.

Alisema vyombo vya habari havitaruhusiwa kutangaza mshindi wa uchaguzi kabla ya kutangazwa na mamlaka husika lakini wanaruhusiwa kuripoti matokeo ya vituoni kama yalivyo.

MWENYEKITI wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi (NEC), Jaji Mstaafu Damian Lubuva, amesema kura zote za urais, ubunge na udiwani, zitahesabiwa katika vituo vya kupigia kura na matokeo yote kutangazwa hapo hapo na ni marufuku kusafirisha masanduku ya kura kama ilivyokuwa zamani.

Jaji Lubuva aiyasema hayo Dar es Salaam jana katika mkutano na wawakilishi wa walemavu kujadili namna bora ya wao kushiriki katika Uchaguzi Mkuu Oktoba 25 mwaka huu.

Alisema katika uchaguzi wa mwaka huu ni marufuku kuhamisha masanduku ya kura kwa sababu vituo vya kupigia kura vitabadilika kuwa vituo vya kuhesabia kura baada ya upigaji kura kumalizika.

“Kura zote za urais, ubunge na udiwani zitahesabiwa katika kila kituo na matokeo yatabandikwa vituoni hapo hivyo sijui wanaosema kura zitaibiwa zitaibiwaje,” alisema JajiLubuva na kuongeza:

“Baada ya matokeo kubandikwa katika kila kituo yatapelekwa katika kata husika kujumlishwa na hapo pia yatabandikwa.

“Mshindi wa udiwani atatangazwa hapo na yale ya ubunge na urais yatapelekwa jimboni ambako yatajumlishwa na mshindi wa ubunge atatangazwa na kukabidhiwa cheti huku ya urais yakipelekwa makao makuu ya Tume.

“Matokeo ya urais yatabandikwa katika kila jimbo na fomu ile ya matokeo itaskaniwa na kutumwa moja kwa moja makao makuu ya tume kwa kupitia mkongo wa mawasiliano wa taifa badala ya simu za mkononi kama ilivyokuwa awali,” alisema Lubuva.

Alisema njia hiyo ya itasaidia matokeo kufika kwa haraka kama inavyotakiwa na baada ya tume kupokea matokeo hayo itakuwa ikiyatangaza moja kwa moja kupitia luninga na redio.

Jaji Lubuva alisema njia nyingine iliyoandaliwa ya kutuma matokeo ni kwa nukushi (fax) ambako halmashauri zote nchini zimepatiwa vifaa vitakavyoziwezesha kuyatuma matokeo haraka.

Alisema hatua ya tume kutangaza matokeo hayo kupitia luninga na redio itasaidia wananchi kulinganisha matokeo watakayokuwa nayo na yatakayokuwa yanatangazwa na tume.

Kutokana na hali hiyo alivishauri vyama vya siasa viache kauli za kuwataka wafuasi wao wasiondoke vituoni baada ya kupiga kura kwa vile hakuna kura zitakazoibiwa.

“Sioni haja ya vyama kusema vinalinda kura kwa sababu kura zote zinabaki vituoni na zitahesabiwa palepale tofauti na zamani ambako zilikuwa zikipelekwa kata na jimboni kuhesabiwa,” alisema.

SISI, viongozi wa dini pamoja na taasisi zinazosimamia mchakato wa uchaguzi (NEC, TAKUKURU, Polisi pamoja na Msajili wa vyama vya siasa) tuliokutana leo tarehe 17/9/2015, tumepata nafasi ya kujadili kwa kina suala la uhuru,haki na amani kuelekea uchaguzi mkuu utakaofanyika 25/10/2015 na wajibu wa kila mdau kuhakikisha kuwa uhuru,haki na amani vinalindwa kipindi hiki.Suala la uhuru haki na amani ni wajibu wetu sisi viongozi wa dini na watanzania wote kwa ujumla na halina mjadala.Kila mmoja achukuwe nafasi yake kulinda uhuru,haki na amani na kuweka uzalendo kwanza kuliko kutanguliza maslahi binafsi ya vyama vya siasa.

Viongozi wa dini wamepata nafasi ya kujadili na vyombo hivi masuala ya msingi kama kuhakikisha kuwa maadili ya uchaguzi yanazingatiwa kwa wote, muda wa kutangaza matokeo ya kura unazingatiwa , haki ya wananchi kupata matokeo haraka ili kuepuka fujo wakati wa kusubiri na kutangazwa kwa matokeo. Jeshi la polisi kutokutumia nguvu kupita kiasi, wajibu wa Msajili kuhakikisha vyama vyote vinapata fursa sawa na pia tumejadili suala la kutumia nyumba za ibada kama sehemu ya jukwaa la siasa.

Viongozi wa dini tumekubaliana kwa pamoja kuepuka kutumia nyumba za ibada kuonyesha ushabiki wa aina yoyote kwa chama chochote cha siasa.
Baada ya kujadili kwa kina masuala hayo viongozi wa dini wanatoa wito ufuatao;
  1. Vyombo vya habari vifanye kazi kwa ueledi bila upendeleo na pia kuhakikisha kuwa inatoa taarifa ya kutosha kuelimisha umma.
  2. Tunaishauri NEC kwenye chaguzi zijazo iweke utaratibu maalum wa kuruhusu wanafunzi wa vyuo vikuu waliojiandikisha pamoja na watu wote waliojiandikisha/watakaojiandikisha waweze kupiga kura.
  3. Tunaishauri NEC kwenye chaguzi zijazo siku ya kupiga kura isiwe siku ya ibada.
  4. NEC iendelee kutoa elimu ya uraia kuhusu haki ya raia kupiga kura na haki yao ya kukaa mita mia moja kusubiri matokeo yatangazwe kwa utulivu kama ambavyo NEC imehakikishia viongozi wa dini kuwa kila kituo itabandika matokeo yote (Urais,Ubunge na Udiwani)
  5. Pamoja na kutimiza wajibu wake wa msingi wa kulinda raia na mali zao Jeshi la polisi wakati huu wa uchaguzi liendelee kutimiza wajibu wake wa kusimamia amani na taratibu kwa haki bila upendeleo.
  6. Wagombea,wafuasi na wanaowanadi, wanaaswa waache mara moja lugha za matusi,vitisho,kejeli na kukashifiana vinavyoweza kuchochea fujo na kuleta uvunjifu wa amani wajikite kunadi sera za vyama vyao.
  7. Tunawahimiza wananchi kuwa makini katika kufuatilia kampeni na sera mbalimbali za wagombea, kuzipima kwa hali ya juu sera hizo, kutokuuza kadi zao za kupigia kura, kutokununuliwa na kujitokeza kwa wingi kutumia uhuru na haki yao ya kuchagua viongozi wanao wataka kwa hiari na amani.
  8. Viongozi wa dini wanawahimiza Watanzania wote kuendelea kuombea nchi hii kuendelea kuwa taifa lililojengwa katika misingi ya uhuru , haki na amani.
  9. Viongozi wa dini tutabaki kuwa manabii na wahubiri wa uhuru,haki na amani wakati huu , wakati wa uchaguzi na baada ya uchaguzi
Sisi viongozi wa dini Tunawashukuru Inspekta generali wa polisi, Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Uchaguzi, Msajili wa Vyama vya siasa na Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa TAKUKURU kwa ufafanuzi makini na wa kina juu ya nafasi na utayari wao wa kushirikiana na viongozi wa dini kuhakikisha uhuru, haki na amani vinaendelea nchini.Maelezo yao na mafafanuzi yao tumeyasikia na tutaendeleza kwa kuwa hiki ni kikao cha mwanzo na tutaendelea kuwa na vikao vingine pamoja nao kuelekea uchaguzi mkuu ili kufuatilia utekelezaji na kuendeleza makubaliano yetu katika kuhakikisha uhuru, haki na amani.

Zifuatazo ni picha kutoka NEC za washiriki wa kikao cha leo, Septemba 17, 2015 cha mashauriano ya viongozi wa dini kuhusu uhuru, haki na amani kuelekea, wakati na baada ya Uchaguzi Mkuu Tanzania 2015

Mtikila 'ashauri' Watanzania kuhusu kipengele cha Urais

Mchungaji Christopher Mtikila ambaye ni Mwenyekiti wa Democratic Party (DP), amewataka Watanzania kutokipigia kura kipengele cha Urais siku ya kupiga kura tarehe 25 Oktoba mwaka huu na badala yake, wawachague Wabunge na Madiwani tu, kwa kuwa wagombea wote wa kiti cha Urais hawana uwezo wa kuliongoza taifa hili.

Mtikila ameitoa kauli hiyo leo Jijini Dar es Saalam wakati wa mkutano na waandishi wa habari ambapo amesema nasafi ya Urais inapaswa kupewa mtu mzalendo na mwenye maono chanya na nchi yake ili aweze kulivusha taifa mahala lilipo sasa anapodai penye shida lukuki akisema wagombea wote wa Urais hawana sifa hizo.

Mchangaji Mtikila huku akiwataka kwa majina wagombea hao amesema mgombea wa Chama cha Mapinduzi John Magufuli pamoja na mgombea kupitia CHADEMA/UKAWA Edward Lowassa hawafai hata kufikiriwa kupewa nchi kwani wanaweza kulifikisha taifa sehemu anayodai ni mbaya.

Amewataka Watanzania kuwa siku hiyo ya kupiga kura ni wajitokeze kwa wingi na kuwapigia kura madiwani pamoja wabunge na kutompigia kura mgombea yeyote wa Urais.

Mchungaji huyo pia alitumia mkutano wake huo kumshambulia Lowassa (bila kuonesha ushahidi) akidai anatumiwa na Rais wa Rwanda, Kagame kuleta mchafuko nchini.
  • Taarifa ya KAROLI VINSENT

Taarifa ya Polisi ya kuanza kanuni mpya za tozo na points kwenye leseni



Ndugu Waandishi wa Habari,

Mabibi na Mabwana.





Kanuni hii ni ya Sheria ya Usalama Barabarani inayohusu ulipaji wa tozo la papo kwa hapo kwa njia ya kielektroniki. Kanuni hii inasomwa pamoja na Sheria ya Usalama Barabarani Sura ya 168 kama ilivyorejewa mwaka 2002, Kifungu cha 95 Iliyotiwa saini na Waziri wa Mambo ya Ndani ya Nchi na kupewa namba 30/2015 kisha kutangazwa katika gazeti la Serikali la tarehe 30/01/2015. Kanuni hii itatumika katika kulipisha faini za papo kwa hapo kwa njia ya mtandao.

Ndugu Wanahabari,

Kutokana na kuongezeka kwa malalamiko kutoka kwa wamiliki wa magari na madereva kwamba wamekuwa wakilipishwa faini na askari barabarani pasipo kupewa risiti halali za serikali (GRR), Jeshi la Polisi kwa kushirikiana na wadau liliamua kubuni mfumo wa kielektroniki utakaochukua nafasi ya mfumo unaotumika sasa wa tozo la papo kwa hapo.

Mfumo huu utaanza kwa majaribio katika baadhi ya maeneo tu (Live testing) Jijini la Dar es salaam kuanzia kesho Alhamisi tarehe 17/09/2015. Hivyo msishangae kuwaona askari wakiwa barabarani na mashine zitakazotumika katika ulipishaji wa faini za papo kwa hapo. 

Ni matumaini yetu kwa kuanzia na Jiji la Dar es salaam itatusaidia kubaini changamoto zitakazojitokeza na kuweza kuja na mfumo bora zaidi tutakapoanza nchi nzima.

Ndugu Wanahabari,
Mfumo wa ulipaji faini za papo kwa hapo kielekitroniki unafanyakazi kama ifuatavyo:
Dereva aliyetenda kosa akikamatwa na kutakiwa kulipa faini kwa njia ya kielektroniki, askari ataingiza kwenye mashine taarifa za namba ya usajili wa gari, nambari ya leseni ya dereva, eneo kosa lilipofanyika, kosa lililofanyika na kisha askari atatoa tiketi ya kielektroniki kumpa dereva aliyetenda kosa. 

Tiketi hiyo pamoja na kuwa na namba ya kumbukumbu ya malipo pia itakuwa na maelekezo kwa dereva yanayosema: Unatakiwa kulipa faini ya kosa ulilotenda kupitia mitandao ya simu ya tigo pesa, M-pesa, Airtel Money, Maxi malipo au kupitia kadi yako ya benki (ATM Card za NMB na UMOJA SWITCH). Unatakiwa kulipa faini yako ndani ya siku saba. Baada ya siku saba utatozwa ziada ya 25%, baada ya siku kumi na nne na kuendelea utatozwa ziada ya 50% ya tozo la awali na itakuwa ikiongezeka kadiri unavyochelewa kulipa. Kwa wale watakaokamatwa wakati wa oparesheni watafikishwa mahakamani ambapo mbali na kulipa malimbikizo ya tozo watatozwa faini ya TZS 50,000/= au kifungo cha miezi miwili jela.

Ndugu Wanahabari, 

Ili kulipia kwa njia ya mitandao ya simu namba maalum ya Polisi (USSD Code) itakayotumika ni *152*75#. Namba hii pamoja na kutumika katika kulipia tozo pia unaweza kuangalia iwapo gari lako linadaiwa tozo la notification lililolimbikizwa.

Ndugu Wanahabari,

Baada ya kutolewa tiketi hiyo dereva husika atatakiwa kulipa faini yake kwa njia hizo zilizotajwa kisha kuiwasiliha kwa askari mwenye mashine namba ya kumbukumbu ya malipo aliyoipata kupitia mtandao husika. Namba hiyo ya kumbukumbu itaingizwa kwenye mashine ya kutolea tiketi ambapo itatolewa risiti ya malipo kisha kukabidhiwa kwa dereva husika.

Ieleweke kwamba, ulipaji huu wa tozo kielektroniki hauna tofauti na ule unaotumika katika kulipia umeme wa LUKU au ada za Magari zinazotozwa kwa njia ya mtandao na Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania (TRA).

Ndugu Wanahabari,

Ili kurahisisha zoezi hili la ulipaji faini kwa njia ya kielektroniki, madereva watatakiwa kutembea na leseni zao halisi za udereva vinginevyo watalazimika kupelekwa vituoni kwa ajili ya kupata taarifa zao za leseni kutoka katika computer za mfumo wa leseni za udereva jambo ambalo linaweza kuwapotezea muda. 

Aidha ieleweke kwamba dereva anapoandikiwa faini ya kielekroniki akichelewa kulipa katika muda aliopewa, Jeshi la Polisi litakuwa likiendesha oparesheni mara kwa mara kwa kuyamulika magari yote yanayodaiwa faini kwa kutumia mtambo maalum wa kutambua namba za usajili wa magari yanayodaiwa (Automatic Number Plate Recognition System). Watakaokamatwa katika oparesheni hizi kwa kukwepa kulipa faini, mbali na kutakiwa kulipa faini aliyolimbikiza awali pia atafikishwa mahakamani kwa mujibu wa sharia.


Ndugu wanahabari,

Sheria ya Usalama Barabarani Sura ya 168 kama ilivyorejewa mwaka 2002, Kifungu cha 25A na 114(h) imeweka Kanuni ya uwekaji nukta katika leseni za udereva (THE ROAD TRAFFIC (DRIVERS LICENSE POINT SYSTEM). 

Mfumo wa ulipaji faini kwa njia ya kielektoniki utakwenda sambamba na Kanuni ya uwekaji wa nukta katika leseni za udereva kulingana na uzito wa kosa lililotendwa na dereva. 

Mfano, dereva akishtakiwa kwa kosa kutofunga mkanda wa usalama atapata nukta 1, akishtakiwa kwa kosa la uendeshaji wa hatari atapata nukta 3, akishtakiwa kwa kosa la mwendokasi atapata nukta 5. Nukta hizi zitakapotimia 15 leseni ya dereva husika itafungiwa kwa kipindi cha miezi sita.
Ndugu wanahabari,

Mwisho nitoe wito kwa madereva na wananchi kwa ujumla kutupa ushirikiano katika kutekeleza mfumo huu mpya wa ulipaji wa faini za papo kwa hapo katika Jiji la Dar es salaam na hatimaye tutakapoanza nchi nzima.


Imetolewa na: 


Taarifa ya Wizara kuhusu tuhuma za safari za Rais Kikwete


Coat of Arms
Simu: 255-22-2114615, 211906-12
Barua pepe: [email protected]
Barua pepe: [email protected]

Nukushi: 255-22-2116600


               20 KIVUKONI FRONT,
                          P.O. BOX 9000,
                 11466 DAR ES SALAAM,  
Safari za Mhe. Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Nje ya Nchi
Wizara imesikitishwa na taarifa za uongo zilitolewa katika vyombo vya habari kuwa Mhe. Jakaya

UKAWA yataja zitakakotoka fedha za elimu bure, bajeti, punguzo la kodi ya mshahara

BAADA ya ahadi ya vyama vinavyounda Umoja wa Katiba ya Wananchi (Ukawa) ya kutoa elimu bure kwenye ngazi zote na kupunguza kodi ya mishahara kutoka asilimia 18 hadi tisa, kubezwa kwamba haitekelezeki, umoja huo umeeleza ilipopata jeuri ya ahadi hiyo baada ya kuainisha vyanzo vya mapato watakavyotumia.

Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari jijini Dar es Salaam juzi, Mwenyekiti Mwenza wa Ukawa, James Mbatia, amesema wamefanya utafiti wa kina na kubaini ahadi hizo zinatekelezeka tofauti na ambavyo wapinzani wanawakejeli.

Alisema utafiti uliofanyika umebaini kuwa iwapo watadhibiti mapato yanayopotea katika ulipaji kodi, kupunguza misamaha ya kodi hadi asilimia 1, kuboresha ufanisi katika Bandari ya Dar es Salaam, sekta ya utalii na uvuvi, mapato ya Serikali yataongezeka maradufu kuliko ya sasa.

“Wameanza kutukebehi kwamba ilani yetu haitatekelezeka, eti hizo fedha za kutoa elimu bure kuanzia chekechea hadi chuo kikuu itatoka wapi,” alisema.

Alisema takwimu za Serikali sasa hivi zinaonyesha mapato ya ndani yatokanayo na kodi na yasiyotokana na kodi ni Sh trilioni 13.47 ambayo ni asilimia 14.3.

“Hivyo kutokana na takwimu hizo, asilimia 100 ya pato la taifa ni zaidi ya Sh trilioni 90,” alisema.

Mbatia alitaja mambo yatakoyoweza kusaidia kwenye ukusanyaji kodi ni kuwekwa mazingira mazuri kwa mlipakodi na wigo wa kodi kutanuliwa, kuwapo viwango vya kodi vinavyotabirika na tegemezi na Mamlaka ya Mapato (TRA) kupambana na ukwepaji wa kodi.

Alitaja njia nyingine kuwa ni kupunguza misamaha ya kodi hadi kufikia asilimia moja ya pato la taifa, kuongeza ufanisi Bandari ya Dar es Salaam, kuweka mazingira mazuri na endelevu kwenye sekta ya utalii na kukusanya kwa ufanisi mapato kwenye sekta ya uvuvi.

“Kwenye sekta ya uvuvi pekee tunaweza kupata zaidi ya Sh trilioni moja kwa mwaka. Lakini pia kwa sasa mapato yanayotokana na kodi ya nyumba kubwa kubwa ni asilimia tatu tu ya makusanyo yote,” alisema.


Mbatia alisema wakati Serikali ina uwezo wa kukusanya asilimia 25 pekee ya pato la taifa kwa sasa, wao wataweza kukusanya na ongezeko la zaidi ya Sh trilioni 10.

“Chukua asilimia 25 ya pato la taifa leo ambalo kwa takwimu za Wizara ya Fedha ni zaidi ya trilioni 23.55 wakati wao wanakusanya Sh trilioni 14.3, niwahakikishie Watanzania tuna uwezo wa kuleta ufanisi tukifanya uamuzi, na Lowassa anaweza kufanya uamuzi mgumu,” alisema Mbatia.

Alisema wanafunzi wanaosoma katika vyuo vikuu ni 300,000 na ada yao ni inafikia sh trilioni 1.55, hivyo hata kama wataongezeka mara mbili bado Serikali ya Ukawa itaweza kumudu gharama hizo kutokana na makusanyo ya kodi.


Mbatia alisema kwa sasa kodi ya wafanyakazi wa Tanzania ni kubwa ikilinganishwa na nchi nyingine za Afrika Mashariki.

Alisema licha ya kwamba Serikali inasema kodi ni asilimia 11, ukweli ni kuwa kiasi hicho kinakatwa kwa watu wenye mshahara wa kima cha chini, huku wale wa juu wakikatwa hadi asilimia 18.

“Wafanyakazi wa Tanzania ndio wanalipa kodi kubwa ya mshahara ambayo ni takribani asilimia 18, na hizo ni takwimu za Benki ya Dunia tukifuatiwa na Uganda wanaolipa asilimia 11, Burundi asilimia 10, Kenya asilimia 6.8 na Rwanda asilimia 5.6.

“Tunavyosema tutapunguza kodi kutoka asilimia 18 mpaka tisa ambayo ni punguzo la Sh bilioni 704, hilo punguzo tutalipata kwenye sekta ya utalii, uvuvi, ndiyo maana tunasema tutaipunguza kodi kwa mfanyakazi, tunawaambia Watanzania watuamini, haya tutayafanya na yanawezekana kabisa,” alisema Mbatia.


Mbatia alisema mbali na kuangalia mambo makubwa, safari za viongozi ni eneo jingine watakaloweza kulitumia kupata fedha zitakazoweza kufidia pengo litakalosababishwa na kupunguza kodi ya mishahara na kutoa elimu bure.

“Viongozi walioko madarakani, hususani rais, ameshasafiri nje ya Tanzania takribani mara 409 na wastani wa kila safari ya siku tatu mpaka tano ni dola milioni 3 na milioni 5, hivyo mpaka sasa tayari wametumia takribani sh trilioni 4 katika safari hizo,” alisema.

Alisema fedha hizo zingeweza kujenga vyuo vya kisasa vya veta zaidi ya 200 nchi nzima ambapo kila kimoja kingegharimu Sh bilioni 20, pia zingeweza kujenga hospitali zaidi ya 100, kila moja ikigharimu Sh bilioni 30 na kujenga vyuo vikuu zaidi ya 80, kila kimoja kikigharimu Sh bilioni 50.

Mbatia alisema si kwamba Serikali ya Ukawa itaishi kama kisiwa bila kushirikiana na wengine bali watapunguza safari zote zisizo za lazima.

“Kwa mfano rais anataka kutunukiwa shahada ya heshima, hakuna sababu ya yeye kwenda nje ya nchi na kutumia mabilioni ya fedha za walipakodi, kwanini hao wanaotaka kumtunuku wasije pale Ikulu? Lakini hata mikutano mingine siyo lazima aende, anaweza kushiriki kwa kutumia teknolojia (teleconference),” alisema.

Anzisha Prize: 2015 finalists for $75,000 African youth entrepreneurship award



Anzisha Prize celebrates 5 years – announces 2015 finalists for $75,000 African youth entrepreneurship award

The 12 finalists were selected from an impressive initial pool of 494 young entrepreneurs

JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, September 17, 2015/ -- African Leadership Academy (, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation (, is proud to announce 12 accomplished young entrepreneurs as finalists for the 2015 Anzisha Prize ( The Anzisha Prize team scoured far and wide in an extensive search for African entrepreneurial talent between the ages of 15 and 22. The 12 finalists were selected from an impressive initial pool of 494 young entrepreneurs, up from 339 applications in 2014. The Anzisha Prize is proud to have attracted applicants from 33 African countries, with finalists from Zimbabwe and Ethiopia identified for the first time. Applications were also received from a diversity of sectors, with agriculture having the most applicants. Now in its fifth year, The Anzisha Prize will be celebrating these outstanding young people during Global Entrepreneurship Week joining the worldwide festivities. Finalists for the Anzisha Prize win a share of US$75,000 and access to ongoing support to scale their enterprises and expand their impact.

The 12 finalists will be flown to Johannesburg for the 2015 Anzisha Week taking place from 12 – 18 November 2015 during which they will receive intensive training from African Leadership Academy’s renowned Entrepreneurial Leadership faculty and engage with industry leaders as mentors. A panel of judges from across the entrepreneurial sphere will deliberate to select the grand prize-winners at a gala function to be held on the evening of 17 November 2015. The finalists will grow the pool of Anzisha Fellows to 57 and receive ongoing support in the form of business consulting, professional development training and access to broader networking opportunities to accelerate the growth of their ventures and impact.

For the first time ever, the Prize is delighted that finalists have been selected from Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Farai Munjoma, 18, provides courseware and career guidance to other youth in Zimbabwe. Hidaya Ibrahim, 21, co-founded an education venture that organizes capacity building activities for students to increase their critical thinking, analytical research and writing skills. Hidaya is among five female finalists, with four others originating from Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, and Rwanda.

This year’s finalists have started ventures in a diversity of sectors including agriculture, technology, youth empowerment, education, and fashion. The large number of applicants in agricultural ventures reinforces the notion that Africa’s young entrepreneurs are focused on sectors that drive economic value in the African context.

Says Grace Kalisha, Manager for the Anzisha Prize, “Entrepreneurship has significant potential to drive economic growth and improved livelihoods for African youth. We are proud to be celebrating and supporting these inspiring young leaders during Global Entrepreneurship Week, making them part of the global entrepreneurship narrative.”

The 2015 finalists are:

  1. Blessing Fortune Kwomo, 19, Nigeria. Co-founder of De Rehoboths Therapeutic Studio which extends home-based health care through tailored family action plans for treating illness and addressing root causes to empower families to live healthier within the context of their surroundings/ circumstances.
  2. Chantal Butare, 21, Rwanda. Founder of Kinazi Dairy Cooperative (KIDACO) offering market access to 3,250 farmers through 10 milk collectors. Chantal packages and sells the milk for cattle owners in the community who have received cows in a government program, but have no market access.
  3. Chris Kwekowe, 22, Nigeria. Founder of Slatecube, an e-learning platform that allows learners to study ICT-related course work and be certified at their convenience, with 200 active users on the platform this year.
  4. Daniel Mukisa, 21, Uganda. Co-founder of Transporter Company, provider of delivery services in Kampala using own branded fleet of  30 motorbikes, carrying out around 150 deliveries daily for corporate clients.
  5. Fabrice Alomo, 22, Cameroon. Founder of MyAconnect, which is a web platform that aims to ease trade in Africa by digitizing what and how people buy, sell, and pay, through four user-friendly applications, with 128 companies currently utilizing the platforms.
  6. Farai Munjoma, 18, Zimbabwe. Co-founder of Shasha Iseminar, providing access to courseware content, past examination questions and answers, and career guidance to high school age kids. He also offers school fees contribution to kids from revenues earned, and carries out projects at orphanages.
  7. George Mtemahanji, 22, Tanzania. Co-founder of SunSweet Solar, which designs, plans, organizes and brings solar energy to rural Tanzania.  One of his projects was the construction of the largest solar energy system in Kilombero, at Benignis Girls Secondary School of Ifakara.
  8. Hidaya Ibrahim, 21, Ethiopia. Co-founder of Qine Association for Promoting Education Quality, an education venture that organizes capacity building activities for students to increase critical thinking, analytical research and writing skills, and convenes educational sector players for unique consultation on the quality of Ethiopian education.
  9. Karidas Tshintsholo, 20, South Africa. Co-founder of Push Ismokol’, a clothing brand that employs six people in the Ekangala township of Pretoria, with significant pent up demand due to savvy marketing techniques.
  10. Mabel Suglo, 22, Ghana. Co-founder of Echo Shoes, foot-wear business specializing in designing and making shoes from recycled waste, producing 30 pairs of shoes a month, and engaging persons with disabilities in the production process.
  11. Sirjeff Dennis, 21, Tanzania. Founder of Jefren Afgrifriend Solutions (JAS) Poultry farming, raising 1,500 broiler chickens a month, and selling100 150kg bags of organic fertilizer a month.
  12. Vanessa Zommi, 19, Cameroon. Co-founder of Emerald Moringa Tea aimed at managing diabetes in her community by providing products which contain key antioxidants, currently producing 15 kg of output per month.
“Given the continued success of Anzisha at identifying a diverse pool of finalists that is representative of the potential and promise of Africa’s young entrepreneurial talent, The MasterCard Foundation is pleased to celebrate five years of the Anzisha Prize and continue in its partnership with African Leadership Academy until 2020. I am excited to welcome this year’s finalists to the Anzisha community” says Koffi Assouan, Program Manager for the Youth Livelihoods Program at The MasterCard Foundation.

For more information on the Anzisha Prize, go to:
 Twitter: @anzishaprize
Media contact:


About the Anzisha Prize
The Anzisha Prize is delivered by African Leadership Academy in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation. Through the Anzisha Prize, the organisers seek to catalyse innovation and entrepreneurship among youth across the continent.

About African Leadership Academy
African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform Africa by developing a powerful network of entrepreneurial leaders who will work together to achieve extraordinary social impact. Each year, ALA brings together the most promising young leaders from all 54 African nations for a pre-university program in South Africa with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and African studies. ALA continues to cultivate these leaders throughout their lives, in university and beyond, by providing on-going leadership and entrepreneurial training and connecting them to high-impact networks of people and capital that can catalyse large-scale change. For more information, visit

About The MasterCard Foundation

The MasterCard Foundation works with visionary organizations to provide greater access to education, skills training and financial services for people living in poverty, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa. As one of the largest, independent foundations, its work is guided by its mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion in order to alleviate poverty. Based in Toronto, Canada, its independence was established by MasterCard when the Foundation was created in 2006. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @MCFoundation.

Taarifa ya msiba wa Margaret Amon Mwaisaga

Margaret Amon Mwaisaga
Margaret Amon Mwaisaga

Mpigapicha Mkuu wa Kampuni ya Tanzania Standard Newsapapers (TSN) Limited, wachapishaji wa magazeti ya Dailynews, Sundaynews, Habarileo, Habarileo Jumapili na Spotileo, Mohamed Mambo anasikitika kutangaza kifo cha mke wake Margaret Amon Mwaisaga (pichani) kilichotokea Hospitali ya TMJ 15.09.2015.

Msiba upo nyumbani kwa familia ya marehemu Mikocheni nyumba namba 87 barabara itokayo Clouds FM kwenda Kanisa la Mchungaji Rwakatare na mazishi yatafanyika siku ya Ijumaa makaburi ya Kinondoni jijini Dar es Salaam kunzia saa sita.