Why we shouldn’t shy away from sexual education

Kijana wa Magufuli: Radio mgongoni, bango mkononi...

Kijana akiwa ameshikilia bango la Magufuli huku redio yake ikining'inia... (picha blogu ya Malunde1)

2015 OAG Ranks Most Connected Airports in the World

OAG calculated the total number of all possible connections between inbound and outbound flights within an eight-hour window at the largest airports to rank the leading airports in the world in terms of connectivity.

The report is available for download at oag.com (pdf)

Who are the Megahubs?

Read OAG's report as we investigate major airports' effectiveness as a connecting point. Using OAG Connections Analyser, this index looks at:
  • The power of the Megahub and whether it's now shifting more to the Middle East
  • Which airports have moved forward in the last 5 years and improved their connectivity
  • Where the major low-cost carrier hubs lie
  • Who will be the winners and losers in the next few years?
Chart source: oag.com...pdf

Former Nigerian President, Jonathan to lead 33-nation election observers in Tanzania

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has been named to lead the a 33-nation observer mission to the Sunday, October 25, 2015 General Election to be held in Tanzania.

The Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Yahya Simba made this known in Dar es Salaam, the Tanzanian capital, adding that the mission will be made up of observers from Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific.

Speaking at a meeting jointly organised by the UN and the government of Tanzania to herald activities of the UN 70th anniversary which will be commemorated next week, Simba stated that while Jonathan will lead the Commonwealth observer team, former Mozambican President, Armando Guebuza will lead the African Union (AU) observer team.

He said: “Tanzania is pleased to note that the Post-2015 Development Agenda, inter alia, has taken on board the unfinished business of the MDGs, focusing on trans-formative change, and endeavouring to eradicate poverty in all its forms by 2030.”

Also speaking at the event, the UN Resident Coordinator for Tanzania, Alvaro Rodriguez said: “Men and women in Tanzania look forward to peaceful and credible general elections and their voices to be heard on October 25, the date of the elections.

“They view the future with optimism and continue to rely extensively on community radios, local administration, the media fraternity and civil society organisations for information on political events and changes facing the nation.”

“Tanzanians are more aware than ever before about the MDGs and the upcoming transition to the SDGs, while the details of the goals are the targets may be unclear, they know there is a concerted attempt to assists in ending child stunting, ending discrimination and enhancing the overall quality of social services.

“The 70 years’ anniversary of the United Nations is a call for a reflection on lessons learnt over the decades and focus on how to eradicate extreme poverty in Tanzania and the world at large”.

Yahya Simba, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told a press conference said more than 600 observers from across the world, including from the African Union, will monitor the elections.
He revealed Tanzania had received requests from election observers from almost all European Union member countries.

Alvaro Rodriguez, the UN Resident Coordinator in Tanzania, at the conference reiterated that the UN looked forward to seeing peaceful and credible elections in the country.

Over 23 million out of a population of about 46 million Tanzanians will go to the polls to elect a new president, members of parliament and councillors.

The presidential candidate for the ruling party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi, John Magufuli, is facing fierce competition from Edward Lowassa of the leading opposition party CHADEMA.

The winner of the presidential poll will succeed incumbent President Jakaya Kikwete who is completing his second five-year term.

Uchumi yafunga maduka yake Tanzania na Uganda

Maduka ya jumla ya Uchumi yametangaza kufungwa kwa oparesheni zake nchini Tanzania na Uganda katika zoezi la kubana matumizi .

Mkurugenzi mkuu wa maduka hayo Dr.Julius Kipng'etich amesema kuwa bodi yake imeamua kufunga vituo hivyo kwa lengo la kutathmini muundo wa oparesheni zake nchini Kenya. ''Maduka yetu nchini Tanzania na Uganda yanajumlisha asilimia 4.75 ya oparesheni zetu licha ya kutugharimu asilimia 25 ya oparesheni zetu''.

Maduka ya uchumi katika mataifa hayo mawili hayajazalisha faida yoyote katika kipindi cha miaka 5 swala ambalo linalazimu faida zinazopatikana katika maduka ya Kenya kutumika,alisema Kipng'etich.

Mkurugenzi huyo amesema kuwa tayari maduka hayo yameandika barua kwa Mamlaka ya masoko nchini Kenya ,soko la hisa pamoja na washikadau muhimu kuhusu uamuzi huo na kuongezea kwamba hivi karibuni uchumi itahitaji kuungwa mkono na wamiliki wa hisa ili kuidhinisha mpango huo.

Maduka yote katika mataifa hayo mawili yamefungwa.

Three things you should insist no matter what people say

Insist on making your life your own.

– Most of us are not raised to actively seek our calling. We may not even know that we have one. As kids, we are seldom told we have a place in life that is uniquely ours alone. Instead, we are encouraged to believe that our life should somehow fulfill the expectations of others – that we should find our happiness exactly as they have found theirs. Rather than being taught to ask ourselves who we are, we are trained to ask others for permission. We are, in effect, schooled to live other people’s versions of our lives. Every day is designed and developed as told to us by someone else! And then one day when we break free to survey our dreams, seeking to fulfill ourselves, we see that most of our dreams have gone unfulfilled because we believed, and those around us believed, that what we wanted for ourselves was somehow beyond our reach. It’s time to unlearn these lies and make changes. It takes courage to grow wiser and become who you really are. And today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Insist on subtracting what doesn’t belong in your life. 

– There’s so much you can let go of in life without losing a thing. It’s called growth. Letting go of the old makes way for the new. Letting go of what isn’t working makes way for what will. When the pain of holding on is worse than the pain of letting go, it’s time to let go and grow. In other words, start subtracting… the habits, routines and circumstances that are holding you back. You cannot discover new oceans unless you build up enough courage to lose sight of the old, familiar shoreline. Be brave. Follow your values. Make changes. Dare to be different. And don’t be afraid to like it.

Insist on working hard for what you want most. 

– Sometimes you’ve got to create what you want to be a part of from the ground up – you’ve got to work harder than ever before to get more than you ever dreamed of. Be a dreamer. Be a doer. Know what is truly important to you and why. Then act on it with all your might. Dreams don’t just magically become realities; it takes a lot of determination, sweat, and hard work. And remember, tough circumstances don’t last; tough people do. Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to march boldly through them. If you have a strong commitment to your goals and dreams, and wake up every morning with a burning passion to work toward them, anything is possible. So dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams a working reality.

Marc and Angel Hack Life
Practical Tips for Productive Living

Ufafanuzi wa NEC kuhusu "kulinda kura", mkusanyiko nje na kwenye njia ya kituo cha kupiga kura

NEC yafafanua wanaoruhusiwa kupiga kura nje ya vituo walipojiandikisha

Sasa unaweza kupiga simu bure NEC “Call Center” - Kituo cha Mawasiliano kwa wote

Mkurugenzi wa Uchaguzi, Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi Ndug. Kailima Ramadhani na Mkurugenzi Mkazi wa Shirika la Mpango wa Maendeleo la Umoja wa Mataifa UNDP Bi. Awa Dabo, wakitoa taarifa fupi kuhusu kituo cha huduma kwa wapiga Kura.

Kuelekea Uchaguzi Mkuu wa mwaka 2015, Tume ya Uchaguzi Tanzania (NEC) imeandaa kituo cha Mawasiliano kituo hiki kimeanzishwa ili kuweza kuwasaidia wadau wetu wa Uchaguzi hasa Wapiga kura kuweza kupata Elimu ya Mpiga Kura.

Wapiga kura wataweza kuuliza maswali mbalimbali yahusuyo Uchaguzi Mkuu wa Rais, Wabunge na Madiwani.

Ili kuweza kupata huduma hii unatakiwa kupiga namba 0800782100 bure na kuuliza maswali yako au kutoa taarifa yeyote kuhusu mwenendo wa Uchaguzi Mkuu.

Saa za Huduma
  • Kuanzia tarehe 12-18 Oktoba 2015 kituo kitafanya kazi kuanzia saa 2:00 Asubuhi hadi saa 12:00 Jioni
  • Kuanzia tarehe 19-30 Oktoba kituo kitafanya kazi kwa saa 24
Jumla simu 444 zilipokelewa tarehe 12/10/2015 na jumla simu 937 zilipokelewa tarehe 13/10/2015.

Tume inawaomba waandishi wa habari na wadau wengine kuisaidia Tume kutangaza namba hii0800782100 ili wapiga kura waweze kupata taarifa mbalimbali.

Taarifa ya Wizara leo Oktoba 14 kuhusu Mahujaji

Taarifa zaidi kuhusu Mahujaji kutoka Tanzania waliofariki na kujeruhiwa huko Saudi Arabia

Mahujaji wengine wawili kutoka Tanzania ambao walikuwa hawaonekani tokea ajali ya kukanyagana kwa mahujaji ilipotokea Makkah nchini Saudi Arabia tarehe 24 Septemba 2015 wametambuliwa kuwa, ni miongoni mwa mahujaji waliofariki dunia. Kutambuliwa kwa mahujaji hao kunafanya idadi ya mahujaji wa Tanzania waliopoteza maisha katika ajali hiyo kufikia ishirini na mbili (22). Majina kamili ya mahujaji hao na vikundi vilivyowasafirisha kwenda Makkah katika mabano ni Hafsa Sharrif Saleh Abdallah (TCDO) na Khadija Hamad Hemed (Ahlu Daawa).

Serikali ya Saudi Arabia inaendelea kutoa taarifa zaidi za kuwatambua mahujaji waliofariki dunia au kujeruhiwa katika ajali hiyo na Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa itaendelea kutoa taarifa kwa umma kuhusu wahanga wa ajali hiyo kadri itakapokuwa inazipokea.

Imetolewa na:

Kitengo cha Mawasiliano ya Serikali,
Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa,
Dar es Salaam
14 Oktoba, 2015

Familia ya Nyerere katika ibada ya kumbukumbu ya kifo cha Mwalimu

Mama Maria Nyerere, mjane wa baba wa Taifa, hayati Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, ameungana na Wananchi wa kijiji cha Butiama katika misa takatifu ya kumbukumbu ya miaka 16 baada ya kifo cha muasisi wa Taifa la Tanzania, ambapo viongozi wa dini waliongoza misa iliyofanyika katika Kanisa Katoliki, Parokia ya Butiama huku suala la amani kuelekea uchaguzi mkuu likihubiriwa.

Kitime azungumzia muziki na mwanamuziki enzi za Mwl. Nyerere

LEO ni miaka 16 toka Kifo cha Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, Mungu amlaze pema Mwalimu. Vyombo vya habari vinaeleza mengi kuhusu hali ya maisha ilivyokuwa zama za Enzi ya Nyerere, kwa tuliekuweko enzi hizo tunaona mengi yanayosemwa ni ya kweli na mengi si sahihi, mengine yanatungwa ili kufanikisha azma fulani, mengine si kweli kwa kuwa mtoa habari hakuweko au alihadithiwa na mtu ambaye hakuwa mkweli au pengine hakumbuki vizuri, lakini hiyo ndio hali halisi kutokana na kuwa mengi yaliyokuwa yakitendeka wakati ule hayakuwekwa katika maandishi kutokana na uwoga wa kusema ukweli enzi hizo, na kutokana na ukweli kuwa hata sasa ni vizuri uchunge unachosema kuhusu Mwalimu kwani kama ni mwanasiasa unaweza ukajikuta unatengwa na jamii ukionekana unakinzana na Mwalimu.

Prof. Mwandosya amwombolezea Dk Kigoda

Abdallah Omari Kigoda
Abdallah Omari Kigoda

Imenichukua muda wa zaidi ya saa ishirini kuandika machache kuhusu Dr. Abdallah Omari Kigoda, aliyetutoka akiwa Hospitali ya Apollo, New Delhi, India baada ya kuugua kwa muda mfupi.
Katika kipindi hicho nimekuwa nikitafakari maneno gani yanaweza kumwelezea Dr. Abdallah Omari Kigoda, maneno ambayo yanaweza kumtendea haki, kuonyesha masikitiko yangu na familia yangu, na kutoa pole kwa familia yake, mkewe, watoto na ukoo wote wa Kigoda, wakiwa Handeni na popote pengine.
Sijaweza kuyapata maneno hayo.

Kwani yangekuwa maneno mengi, na yenye kubeba ujumbe mzito. Nakiri sina umahiri wa lugha hasa katika kipindi cha majonzi. Neno kubwa na zito la kiswahili ni POLE kwa wote, labda kuongezea uzito ni kusema POLE SANA. Pole hizi pia ni kwa wana Handeni aliowatumikia kwa muda mrefu wa maisha ya kazi; Mkoa wa Tanga, na wana Tanga, mliompa heshima ya uongozi wa kisiasa na maendeleo ya jamii; jamii (fraternity) ya uchumi na wachumi; na Watanzania kwa ujumla wetu.

Abdallah Kigoda ni mmoja wa Watanzania wasomi na wenye uzoefu mkubwa na aliyetoa mchango mkubwa kitaifa na kimataifa. Hakuwa mzungumzaji sana kama ambavyo sisi wanasiasa tunategemewa kuwa. Alizungumza pale tu ilipohitajika azungumze. 
Kwa wale tuliokuwa karibu naye tulishangazwa na kufurahishwa pia kwa majibu yake mafupi, sahihi na ya kifalsafa, ya maswali magumu. Hakuna mtu ambaye angaliweza kuuliza imekuwaje Kigoda amekuwa Waziri, imekuwaje Kigoda amekuwa Mwenyekiti wa Kamati muhimu ya Bunge, au imekuwaje amekuwa Mbunge wa Handeni kwa muda mrefu. Alikuwa anafaa, alikuwa na uwezo na alikuwa anamudu majukumu yake. 
Kati ya mambo ambayo yalimnyima raha ni tatizo la maji Handeni. Nathibitisha hilo. Kwani katika kipindi chote nikiwa Waziri mwenye dhamana ya maji, hakuna siku ambayo tukikutana Bungeni, au katika Baraza la Mawaziri, ambapo hakuniuliza, kunikumbusha, au kunisisitizia kuhusu maji Handeni. Naamini waliofuata katika Wizara hiyo baada ya mimi kuhamishwa, wamefuatilia suala hilo na ahadi zetu kwake na wanatekeleza mpango wa maendeleo ya maji kuhusu Handeni. Kama bado basi njia bora ya kumuenzi ni kutekeleza yale ambayo angependa kuyafanikisha alipokuwa hai.

Kwa kumalizia niwakumbushe tukio lililotokea wiki iliyopita la mitandao ya kijamii kutangaza au kama watakavyosema leo kifo kutabiri kifo chake. Miaka kumi iliyopita yeye na mimi tulikuwa katika “timu” ya watu kumi na moja tulioomba ridhaa ya wana CCM ili mmoja wetu ateuliwe kuwa mgombea wa Chama katika ngazi ya Urais. Kwa msemo wa kichama “Kura Hazikutosha”! 
Katika kutafuta wadhamini tulikutana Mtwara, yeye akitokea Lindi. Taarifa zisizo rasmi lakini zilizagaa siku moja kabla zilihusu Dr. Kigoda kupoteza maisha! 
Mithili ya kukutana kwa Dr. David Livingstone na Henry Morton Stanley,Ujiji, Kigoma, nikamuuliza “Bila shaka ni Dr. Kigoda”. "Naam", akanijibu kwa kutabasamu. 
Baada ya mazungumzo mafupi akasema, “nawafahamu walionizushia kifo, nimewasamehe”. Sio hilo tu alilokutana nalo katika mchakato ule, bali kama alivyoniambia alikuwa "mhanga wa siasa za maji taka!” Na waliomtakia kifo miaka kumi iliyopita! Msihofu. Kwani moyo wake ulikuwa mkubwa. Alishawasamehe.

Kwaheri Abdallah. Kama utumishi wa nchi ni vita, basi kama askari umepigana vilivyo. Wakati wa kupumzika umewasili. Mwenyezi Mungu Airehemu Roho Yako. Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raji’un.

Profesa Mark Mwandosya