Scam alert! Speeding ticket email

Below is an example from of a scam email that was sent via email.

Please note that citations are never emailed or sent in the form of an email attachment.

A local corporation contacted the police department advising that an employee had received an email indicating that he/she was speeding on local roads and needed to remit funds (in the form a fine) to "[email protected]" which provided a link and attachments for sending the funds.

Local police departments as well as the district courts were made aware of this scam.

Due to the fact this scam had correct information with respect to speed, time and location, it is highly suspected that a “free mobility or traffic APP” may have been utilized/hacked for this scam.

Additionally, please beware that in some cases (besides the financial scams) documented over the past few years nationally, these emails are phishing attempts where opening attached documents place viruses/tracking on your computer.


From: Speeding Citation <[email protected]:[email protected]>
To: (Accurate Email Removed)
Date: 03/11/2016 03:08 PM
Subject: [External] Notification of excess speed

First Name: (Accurate Name removed)

Last Name: (Accurate Name removed)

Notification of excess speed

Route: (Accurate Local Township Road –removed)

Date: 8 March 2016

Time: 7:55 am

Speed Limit: 40

Detected Speed: 52

The Infraction Statement contains an image of your license plate and the citation which must be paid in 5 working days.