Someone using empowr sent me $10, why am I not taking it?

Today, I received an email from a friend in my address book, with the above message.

I went online and read the empowr website, since I didn't get information to satisfy my quest, I searched for posts regarding the same, and from what I read the comments in the discussion boxes...
Empowr is a complicated system that not many will understand. Some might even lose money using Empowr. In order to truly understand how Empowr charges its fees, you need to read all the terms and condition carefully before you agree to it.
...Fees should be charged to advertisers and not to its citizens. If Empowr truly takes care of your interest, shouldn’t they make money from its advertisers and return 97% of the profits to you, rather than charging you a fee for whatever you are posting?
I decided to unsubscribe my email address from their mailing list. You can read the that post in details, at http://barenakedscam.com/empowr
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