4 tips: How to maximize space and properly pack items for a trip

Travel blogger Kate McCulley showed Inside Edition some great packing secrets that will make your life easier — and much more organized.
  1. To maximize space and keep items arranged properly in your bag, use packing cubes. To get the clothes inside the cubes, McCulley instructed to “line the shirts up with sleeves together, then add pants.”
  2. Use the middle space for smaller items. Then start folding and tucking each piece in, until you have a compact bundle. If that technique isn't for you, rolling your clothes could be the next best thing. “It saves so much space and keeps your clothes crease-free. In fact, if you roll your everything, you can probably fit five extra items in your suitcase."
  3. Since shoes take up so much space in luggage, McCulley advises putting socks inside the footwear to save space. 
  4. For your jewelry, McCulley has a nifty tip: Put them inside a pill container so nothing is loose or unorganized in your bag.
Also watch Expedia's 8 Packing Techniques demonstrated in the following video.

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