Call: Master’s Thesis Programme in knowledge exchange for food and nutrition security

Complex societal challenges such as food insecurity and malnutrition require new inclusive and innovative solutions. Such solutions can be created when tomorrow's experts and decision makers demonstrate high degree of professional expertise in their field of work. Moreover, they require transdisciplinary skills and experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder knowledge exchange and learning processes.

The aim of the Master’s Thesis Programme is to integrate Master students in ongoing food and nutrition security projects in the field of international research and development cooperation and to strengthen their analytical, theoretical and communicative skills. The Master’s Thesis Programme is designed to deliver theoretical and practical skills focusing on the food and nutrition security challenges in East Africa. To explore the real life beside their thematic content-related analysis, the participants will undertake fieldwork in the frame of different ongoing international projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Thus, the participants will learn what multi-stakeholder knowledge exchange processes are, why they are needed and what their key elements are. Moreover, the students will get an insight of how to develop knowledge exchange strategies, engage different stakeholders in transdisciplinary research, design and facilitate successful knowledge exchange activities and use modern ICTs media to exchange knowledge and connect innovators.

The overall goal of the Master’s Thesis Programme is to qualify and link professionals and enable them to develop innovative and inclusive approaches for collaboration across boundaries of academia, politics and practice and to tackle growing societal challenges such as food insecurity and malnutrition.

The shape
  • Twelve months intensive Master Programme / July 2016 – July 2017
  • Workshops/trainings and participation at one international conference
  • Master’s Theses and at least one peer-reviewed article
The target group
  • Registered Master students at Kenyan, Tanzanian, Ethiopian or German universities with excellent performance in their current study
The thesis topics

HORTINLEA topics (open for application)
  1. Improving schoolchildren's nutrition and education through inclusive innovations
  2. Inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge integration into the disciplinary curricula of universities and educational organisations in East Africa
  3. Market trends and agricultural policies in Kenya - Opportunities and risks for smallholder AIV farmers
  4. Inclusive Horticultural Knowledge Exchange and Information Management Systems
  5. Monitoring and evaluating inter- and transdisciplinary food and nutrition security interventions in East Africa
  6. Integrating traditional and academic knowledge system approaches
Topics in collaboration with our partners
  1. Improving food and nutrition security through AIVs at Kakuma refugee camp (2 sub-topics)
  2. Improving food and nutrition security through traditional knowledge and food systems in Ethiopia (2 sub-topics)
  3. Improving food and nutrition security through traditional knowledge and food systems in Tanzania (2 sub-topics) 
HORTINLEA topics (closed for application)
  1. Finance for smallholder farmers in East Africa
  2. Using ICTs for exchanging horticultural knowledge and information
  3. Market Trends and Consumption of AIVs in the Upper Eastern Region of Kenya