Job: Program Manager, Family Planning

Organization: Clinton Health Access Initiative
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Closing date: 21 Jul 2016

Founded in 2002 by President William J. Clinton, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems around the world and expanding access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other illnesses. Based on the premise that business oriented strategy can facilitate solutions to global health challenges, CHAI acts as a catalyst to mobilize new resources and optimize the impact of these resources to save lives, via improved organization of commodity markets and more effective local management. By working in association with governments and other NGO partners, CHAI is focused on large scale impact and, to date, CHAI has secured lower pricing agreements for treatment options in more than 70 countries. In addition, CHAI's teams are working side-by-side with over 30 governments to tackle many of the largest barriers to effective treatment and care.
Summary of Position
Over 200 million women around the world have an unmet need for family planning, indicating they would like to stop or limit childbearing, but do not have access to methods to do so. Increasing access to family planning has the potential to reduce maternal and infant mortality, reduce the number of deaths due to unsafe abortion, and improve the health outcomes of women and families overall. In Tanzania, 25% of women have an unmet need for family planning and it is estimated that only 24% of all women are currently using modern methods of family planning.
Since 2012, CHAI has worked with governments, partners and manufacturers to reduce the price of contraceptives and increase access to family planning supplies and services, particularly long-acting and reversible contraception (LARC). In sub-Saharan Africa, CHAI helps Ministries of Health to plan, coordinate, and implement family planning scale-up by providing a strong foundation of rigorous analysis and management support to more effectively target interventions, allocate resources, and fill gaps to align contraceptive supplies with human resource capacity and client demand.
As part of this work, CHAI Tanzania supports the Reproductive and Child Health Section (RCHS) at the Tanzania Ministry of Health, Community, Development, Gender, Elderly and Children to increase access to LARC as part of the full family planning method mix. Specifically, CHAI brings analytical support and technical assistance to RCHS to improve FP service delivery, enhance contraceptive security and manage new product introductions. CHAI supports RCHS to use data for decision-making and performance management, specifically through the development and deployment of the web-based National FP Dashboard. The Dashboard provides highly visual and actionable analyses that support program management by integrating service delivery and human resource data.
CHAI is seeking a Family Planning Country Program Manager to continue this work in Tanzania. The Program Manager will be based in Dar es Salaam and will report to the Tanzania Country Director. Travel in-country, and occasionally regionally, will be required. The Program Manager will lead a team of three staff: a Supply Chain Officer (seconded to RCHS), focused on family planning commodity security; a Family Planning Analyst/Service Improvement Mentor, providing programmatic and analytic support, and a CHAI volunteer.
Job Requirements
  • Oversee Family Planning Dashboard formal training in Western Zone and quarterly mentorship visits in all districts and regions in the Lake and Western Zone (Develop training materials; coordinate team activities and assign responsibilities; develop timelines and plans for activities; monitor and document progress from mentorship visits)
  • Build relationships with the RCHS and support capacity to routinely use and manage TrainTracker (web-based training information system) and FP Dashboard
  • Build relationships with sub-national FP government decision makers in Lake and Western Zones
  • Ensure FP data cleaning sessions are held and monitor automatic updating of FP Dashboard on a monthly basis
  • Establish professional networks with other FP partners to stay abreast of FP landscape in Tanzania and identify potential new opportunities for CHAI support
  • Identify opportunities for partner-funded support for FP Dashboard roll out to other regions in Tanzania and collaborate in implementation of these
  • Facilitate the timely TrainTracker synchronization with Human Resource Health Information System (HRHIS)
  • Develop contracts and manage relationship with sub-contractors for FP Dashboard and TrainTracker improvements (including HRHIS synchronization)
  • Monitor/provide technical support to RCHS in the transition from Implanon Classic to Implanon NXT implant
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge of FP issues (including national and international literature, new innovations and technologies)
  • Represent CHAI at regular technical working group meetings
  • Manage all FP program implementation:
  • Supervise FP Analyst/Service improvement mentor, Supply Chain Advisor and CHAI volunteer
  • Develop work plans and establish strategic goals for the team
  • Foster teamwork towards achieving FP program goals
  • Oversee project performance against workplans and budgets
  • Fulfill financial objectives (forecasting cash requirements; preparing budget)
  • Develop monthly program update and participate in monthly in country CHAI manager's meetings
  • Develop quarterly reports and take part in bi-weekly calls with CHAI Global FP team
  • Maintain close communication with the Country Director and Global Program Director on the program's progress
  • Provide information, as requested by global team, on stock status, consumption, health worker training, and other FP programmatic issues to be used to facilitate more efficient global shipments and more complete information to donors.
  • Contingent on funding, oversee implementation and coordination of a scoping study investigating the demand for and market factors related to introducing an injectable FP product through sustainable, scalable private sector sales and distribution channels to drug shops and pharmacies
  • Bachelor's degree and at least 4 years of professional experience in the private or public sector (Prior experience in Family Planning programs or with DHIS-2/other health management information tools is desirable)
  • Ability to learn quickly and absorb and synthesize a broad range of information
  • Experience conceiving, planning and executing programs or projects with verifiable results and little external support
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and an ability to communicate effectively and build durable relationships with people of varied professional and cultural backgrounds
  • Ability to navigate complex government processes and favorably influence decision-making in a professional, diplomatic and collaborative manner;
  • Ability to work with humility and not seek personal credit for the work or contributions; commitment to ensuring the government partner is the owner of our work together;
  • Well-developed quantitative analytical skills with good knowledge of Excel
  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to create compelling, logical presentations, using PowerPoint and other communications media;
  • Ability to be effective in high-pressure situations, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and set priorities
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