Summer Course: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a Public Health Setting in Tanzania

MS TCDC ( MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation)

We are MS Action Aid Denmark training Centre under Government to Government agreement between the Tanzania Government and the Government of Denmark.

Throughout the year we offer number of training courses, academic programs and consultancies to different public and private sectors in matters related to good governance, Leadership, Accountability and other capacity building areas. In addition our conference facilities, accommodation offers a memorable stay for a meeting, workshop or retreat.

We hereby writes to invite students from different institutions/Universities to benefit from summer School programme in the areas of Health and Education on Tanzania Context.

MS TCDC and Via University from Denmark are in partnership to offer two programmes on

1:Project Development and Innovation in Educational and Cultural Context in Tanzania a
2: Entrepreneurship and Innovation on public health Setting in Tanzania.

These programme will allow Tanzania Students from the areas related to attend a sponsored course together with students from Via University.

All the trainings will be conducted at MS TCDC, Usa River Arusha.

Here is the link to the website for course details:http://www.mstcdc.or.tz/news/scholarships-summer-school-tanzania-east-african-students

Students from Universities/Institution on related areas are invited to apply for the programme before 30th June 2016


[email protected]
+255 754 651 715


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