Viber updates: Send Money; Back up and restore messages; Share GIFs

This is what's new with Viber app
  • Since March, you can send money (up to $500 USD) through Viber Android or iOS from a phone number registered in the United Statest of America to recipients in more than 200 countries for a pickup from 500,000 Western Union® agent location worldwide, or send directly to a bank account in nearly 50 countries (click here for details).
  • The latest (June) update to Viber for iOS and Android lets users is to be able to manually back up their text message history to their cloud service (iCloud or Google Drive) and then restore it to the same phone number, even if it is being activated on a new device, as long as it’s the same operating system. So if you have to uninstall Viber for any reason, or if you’re treating yourself to a new device, or if you just don’t want to chance losing your messages, you should never have to part with the messages you hold dear if you don’t want to. Back up your history, restore it when you need it - on Android and on iOS.
  • This update also includes a nod to GIF support. You can now send animated GIFs from your gallery and your friends will receive them in a continuous-loop autoplay. But the real-deal, good-stuff, don’t-miss it, juicy update with regards to GIFs is coming soon to Viber for Desktop- and it’s going to totally transform the way you chat on Viber!
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