Call: 11th Exhibition of Higher Education, Science and Technology


We invite companies, organizations and individuals who wish to sponsor the exhibitions either financially or by other means. Upon some agreements, sponsors will be given a chance to advertise their business/ goods/services as well as a space to exhibit their business/ goods/services. Interested sponsors may contact the Executive Secretary, TCU through the address indicated below. 

Exhibitions Regulations/ Guidelines 

The Regulations/Guidelines for all exhibitors are available on the TCU website by clicking here … Registration Form Institutions wishing to participate at the 11th Higher Education, Science and Technology Exhibitions are required to fill an online registration form available on the TCU website, “EXHIBITIONS” Link (, complete the registration form and return it to [email protected] copy to [email protected] 

For more information please contact the undersigned: 
Executive Secretary, 
Tanzania Commission for Universities, 
P. O. Box 6562, 
Dar es Salaam 

Tel: +255 22 2772657 
Fax: +255 22 2772891