HoFundMe: Help fix water wells for children

Shallow water sources for a nearby school
My wife is currently in Tanzania, Morogoro in remote village. 

Morogoro is about 7 hours from Dar es Salam. The villages are another additional 3 hours from Morogoro town. She is currently working with communities that had cholera outbreak, one of them is still under quarantine. The villages she is currently working with lacks clean and safe water sources. 

Women have to walk 30 minutes to collect water from a stream, shown in the picture. The stream is shared with livestocks and was also a source for cholera outbreak in one of the villages. 

There are three communities that desperately need help (population:9000). 
  • The first community, she is asking for help to repair one of the boreholes and to install a water pump. 
  • The second community, a borehole was installed and was not finished. She is looking for funds to install a water pump as well. 
  • For the third community they need at least one water well. Raised funds will first be used to repair and install water pumps.
Please donate at: gofundme.com/2fjuepgs

My wife with community members