Jimbo moja Marekani lapiga marufuku kuvaa suruali makalioni "mlegezo" aka "kata-k"

Pants-saggers beware: A South Carolina town is coming for your exposed underpants.

As of Tuesday, the town of Timmonsville (pop. 2000), has banned any pants that expose undergarments.

The ordinance, which passed the Timmonsville Town Council by a vote of 4 to 1, also bans anyone from anyone engaging in public nudity or displaying pornographic material in public.

According to WBTW, violators of the ordinance could face fines of up to $600.

A message left for the city administration was not immediately returned Wednesday afternoon.

While certainly not common, Timmonsville is not the first town to outlaw sagging pants.

In July 2014, a similar ordinance was passed in Ocala, Florida, a significantly larger town that counts John Travolta among its nearly 60,000 residents.

However, the Ocala ordinance was struck down just a month later after facing criticism from the city's mayor as well as the NAACP, which argued the law directly targeted young black males.