Job - Tanzania: Key expert 1 to support the AfCHPR (African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights)

Organization: Expertise France
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Closing date: 20 Jul 2016

Project reference (requis**)**: Technical assistance: Strengthening of the African Human Rights System
Country or Region : Arusha, Tanzania (Africa)
Duration: 21 months (attending clarifications)
Project description:
The purpose of the Strengthening the African Human Rights System programme is to provide specific technical assistance to contribute to ensuring a transparent, democratic and accountable environment with respect to human rights and rule of law in Africa. This technical assistance is part of a wider approach to governance and human rights under the Pan-African Programme that includes: (i) Election Observation support; (ii) Support to the African Governance Architecture ("AGA") through the AGA secretariat; (iii) Support to Civil Society Organisations; (iv) Support to public administration and anti-corruption is possible in the future; and (v) Support to Pan-African Gender interventions.
The specific objective of this technical assistance service contract is to enhance the operational capabilities of the beneficiary institutions in the short-term as well as providing additional direct human capital support for building the institutions of the African human rights system within the framework of the African Governance Architecture.
Overall, the programme expects to:
Contribute to expediting universal ratification, domestication, and effective implementation of democracy and human rights instruments as well as regular reporting;
Contribute to strengthening institutional capacity and capability of the human rights organs of the African human rights system (ACHPR, Court, Child Committee), in particular of their secretariats and the capabilities of the special mechanisms (e.g. women's rights, human rights defenders), as well as the work of the PAP in this area;
Contribute to increase coordination and engagement between the four pillars of the African human rights system – AU Member States, treaties, supervisory bodies, and civil society;
Contribute to increase awareness of and access to the African HRs system and by extension to the AGA, in particular by civil society and other relevant actors
Job description
The expert will deliver 21 months of technical assistance to the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights (AfCHPR) over 3 years, starting in November 2016. The expert will inter alia support to the following areas:
Core Business of human rights cases (enhanced transparency by timely communication of sessions, cases, decisions, state reports, including on the website, enhanced capacity to monitoring the implementation of Court decisions, Legal Aid Fund);
Advocacy and knowledge management activities: sensitisation visits to AUMS which have not ratified the African Protocol to the African Charter on Human And Peoples' Rights on the Establishment of an African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights and made the special Declaration (not the Malabo Protocol), promotion and launching of the Pan-African Human Rights Institute, publications;
Enhanced Networking with the European Court of Human Rights (and other regional mechanisms, for example the Inter-American) and the national African judiciaries.
Reinforcement of Legal Division, Communications/Public Relations (PR) Unit and programming/ monitoring
Qualifications and skills
· University education to at least at Master Degree level in Law, Human Rights Law or equivalent.
· A specialisation in public administration would be an asset
· Proficient in both English and French;
· Good presentation, writing and communication skills;
· Good computer skills;
· Good management, negotiation and facilitation skills to take processes forward;
· Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in multi-cultural environments
General and specific professional experience
a General professional experience:
· Preferably 10 years plus professional experience in the field of human rights law, of which at least 5 in an African context; including litigation and case management experience and related technological support.
a Specific professional experience:
· Proven project management experience as a team leader or key expert in related or similar projects such as institutional building, human rights and justice programmes.
· Regional experience is required, and experience involving the AU or AU Member States would be an asset;
· Equivalent experience in other regions would be an asset
· Experience in fragile or conflict affected contexts would be an asset.
*The expert must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities for which it undertakes.
How to apply:
Documents to be provided : CV and cover letter.
Contacts :
Nom prénom : Leonie GUERLAY / Julie ABRIVARD
The process of selection of expressions of interest will occur in two phases:
· As a first step, a shortlist will be freely established by Expertise France.
· Selected candidates may then be invited for an interview.
Fees for the services will be negotiated with the designated candidate.