No public or private service before 9 A.M in Kagera on end of month Saturdays

Residents in Kagera region are reminded to perform cleanliness in their working areas every Thursday of the week by applying basic necessary means so as to keep their region hygienic.

Addressing reporters in Bukoba Municipality last Wednesday Kagera regional information officer Mr. Sylvester Raphael said that all residents of Kagera region through their respective district councils are to adhere to the order and that no office, business or working places will be running unless the set time for cleaning elapses.

“Cleaning exercise will involve all residents and therefore no any public or private offices will be offering service before 9:00 A.M,” Said Mr. Raphael adding that no private business, Non Governmental organization, traders of all kinds will be allowed to run their activities during the time set for cleaning their surroundings.

He further alerted the region’s occupiers not to forget that every Saturday of the end of the month is a special day for conducting intensive environmental cleanliness in abiding with the order from President John Magufuri’s to keep Tanzania clean.


By Kamala Lutatinisibwa