Opportunities in Tanzania Oil Pipeline, Helium and LNG plant (local content)

Opportunities in Tanzania Oil Pipeline, Helium and LNG plant (local content)

Tanzania Oil and Gas Suppliers Conference (TOGSC) is a platform that bring together players from the value chain together with stakeholders from the government and the oil and gas industry to discuss and engage on the different opportunities and challenges in Tanzania.

This year’s conference will focus on local content within the oil and gas industry at a strategic time considering the recent agreements between President of Tanzania HE John Magufuli & President of Uganda HE Yoweri Museveni to build a crude oil pipeline 1,400km which will connect Uganda's western region near Hoima District, where big oil reserves have been discovered, with Tanzania's port of Tanga.

With the discovery of the rare Helium Gas in Tanzania, which contains up to 10.6 per cent helium, while the reserve is estimated to hold about 54 billion cubic feet (1.5 billion cubic metres) of helium gas in total. This will provide opportunity for Tanzanian owned and based companies to be part of its Value Chain. Helium is used in hospitals in MRI scanners as well as in spacecraft, telescopes and radiation monitors.

With the Tanzanian Government having acquired Land in Lindi for the construction of the LNG plant, where and how do we see our Tanzanian entrepreneurs being part of the LNG plant construction? What are the Opportunities within this Sector?

Within this new burgeoning oil and gas industry there is a need to get more Tanzania owned and based companies involved in the value chain in our oil and gas industry. This conference will give suppliersthe channels, tools and means to harness and cater for this massive industry. The 4th edition ofTanzania Oil & Gas Suppliers Conference will be held on 3rd August, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency under the theme ‘#FURSA IN TANZANIA OIL PIPELINE, HELIUM & LNG PLANT’
To participate: Kindly Contact Catherine on +255 766 885 301