This is how you get fined and/or land in jail in Tanzania if you disrespect the national flag

AS a way forward to restore national integrity, the Chief Government Printer, Mr Kassian Chibogoyo, has directed the Police Force to arrest anyone who will disrespect national emblems.

Government institutions that use worn-out or dirty national flags together with those who will be walking while the national flag is being raised or lowered shall face fines or an imprisonment term of not less than two years.
"National flags must be respected. We carried out a number of public education programmes on the importance of respecting the national flag. I now direct the Police Force to arrest all those who will be walking when the national flag is raised or lowered because it is against the National Emblems Act of 1971.
It is clearly stated that anyone who disrespects national emblems, including the national flag, will be fined, imprisoned for not less than two years or both punishments will be imposed," stated Mr Chibogoyo during a surprise visit to some of the government institutions with dirty or worn out national flags.
He said the operation is continuous. He directed government officials with improper national flags to change them immediately.

He, however, reminded on the timely raising and lowering of the national flag. Normally, the flag is raised at 6:00 am and lowered at 6:00 pm. Mr Chibogoyo also directed that the flags be bought at licensed institutions to avoid widespread mistakes by some private printers on getting the right colours when producing the national flags.
"For instance, most printers don't get it right on the blue colour on the flag. Instead they make it dark blue, which is legally wrong," he said. 
He noted that the Constitution states that it is only the president who has powers to modify the flag.
  • By Iddy Mwema, The Daily News