Watch: MAANGAMIZI - Sinema ya kwanza kutoka Tanzania kushindania Academy Awards (Oscars)


An American woman doctor comes to Tanzania to work at a hospital for the mentally disturbed, with her Tanzanian lover. There, she meets a sometimes catatonic patient, Samahe, who seems to be in communication with another reality. In their confrontation with their individual and collective pasts, Dr Asira and Samehe are bound by fears and half remembered images of unbearable pain.

Partner rating: No mature content

Release date: 2001

Running time: 1:52:07

Language: English

Actors: BarbaraoAmandina LihambaSamahani Kejeri

Directors: Martin MhandoRon Mulvihill

Producers: Martin MhandoQueenae Taylor Mulvihill

Writer: Queenae Taylor Mulvihill

Category: Drama