Youth flees homes as "Mgambo" militia trainings takes off by force

Below 40 years old residents of Bugandika ward in Misenyi district are fleeing their homes into hidings after some are being dragged by force to join militia trainings taking place at Bugandika 2 primary school grounds. The incident took place last Wednesday whereby militia trainees in accompany of their trainers who are TPDF officers invades homes and forcing them to join a training camp.

Mrs Josephina Burchard told the reporter that the village’s youths are facing brutality from the militias and that social and economic activities are not taking place for youth have opted to flee their home. 
“I am finalizing wedding ceremony plan for one of my sons but I am almost stumbled for my eldest son is not here with me to help, he has gone to the hiding in Bukoba town” 
she said. Adding that the situation in her village is tense.
“I was beaten, tied up and dragged by force to the training camp where TPDF officers made sure to kick me vigorously, eventually I was released, ordered to come back next day which I never did.” 
Said Emanuel Alexander a petty trader in Igurugati Village of Bugandika ward.

Another victim for this brutality that the citizen talked to was Mr Nuru Abdul, a motorcyclist who explained on how he decided to fight to the last bullet to save his life. At first, they sent four militia trainees to Mr. Nuru’s house at around 8:30 Pm, he used traditional weapons to defend his fate.
“Then came 6 militia trainees together with two TPDF officers in uniform, I was threatened, arrested, caned five strokes and dragged to their training camp where soldiers there wanted to hit me more, I warned them not to do it because none of them was sure if I was healthy for the trainings for no one has spoken to my doctor.” 
Said Nuru adding that he was eventually freed with a condition that he must show up next day which he didn’t..
Bugandika Ward executive officer Mr Elizeus Kapia denied allegations that youth are brutally forced to join militia trainings except for those whom the ward authority identified and registered to join training and never showed up. 
“We are searching for those that are should attend, we made sure to register those we considered as capable and who are trustworthy. We are excluding illegal immigrants” Said Mr Kapia.
He further added that some trainees came from other wards of Missenyi district and asked to join trainings. “Some youths from outside Bugandika ward are incurring costs of paying bus fare daily to attend while the dwellers of this ward are absconding and complaining on them” insisted Mr Kapia.

On Allegations of youths who have fled their homes in fear of brutally and being dragged into training by force, Mr Kapia denied them saying that people in Bugandika ward are safely carrying on with their daily lives. “No any single resident of this ward fled a home or living in fear, I will later today visit the house which is said to be closed due to any fear.” He added.

Mr. Kapia said that militia trainings have in his ward took place from early may this year and will last for three months.


Kamala Lutatinisibwa