5 tips on how to pick the Best and Ripe watermelons

Here are some things to look for to make sure you're getting high quality fruit.

1. Field Spot
David Wolfe
Have you ever noticed those whitish, yellow spots on watermelons? This is the area that the watermelon rested on the ground in the field. For the best watermelons, look for orangish yellow field spots.

2. Webbing
Bright Side
Webbing is the brown striation across the watermelon. Often, people think this is a sign the melon is bad, but actually this indicated that bees frequented the watermelon's flower often. The more frequently bees pollinated the flower, the sweeter the watermelon!

3. What the gender?
There are actually "boy" and "girl" watermelons. The "boys" are taller and shaped more like an egg. "Girl" melons are more spherical and tend to be sweeter!

4. Size

Bigger isn't always better! The best watermelons are usually average-sized. Avoid the massive and small melons and choose something in the middle

5. Tail
Bright Side
You can use a watermelon's tail to gauge its general ripeness. Look for tails that look dried. Green tails mean the watermelon was picked before it was ripe.

Source: wimp.com including the video