AfyaCall is looking for high-performing Regional Sensitization Managers (RSM)

Job Brief

Afyacall is looking for high-performing Regional Sensitization Managers (RSM) to embark on challenging yet highly rewarding sensitization initiatives in their assigned regions. You will be responsible to sensitize the general public and enhance both public awareness and adoption of the newly introduced teleconsultation services which will definitely save lives of many Tanzanians.

Company Overview
Afyacall is a leading innovative and transformative entity that has been established to offer 24/7 doctor advisory service in Tanzania. Our platform has deepened accessibility of doctors’ advisory service by the use of mobile phone – providing a professional and reliable service to those in needs. Besides, we are set to provide state-of-the-art medical advisory delivered affordably.

This platform has been created by Tanzanian renowned ICT and public health experts, in collaboration and with support from top companies and corporate with stake in healthcare, with the goal of improving access to professional, conscientious and compassionate tele-consultation services. To achieve this goal, we created a practice that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology with professional, service-oriented and cost-effective care. This service which does not replace the need to seek for services in health facilities, was created for the purpose of enabling Tanzanian’s – especially those living in rural and urban poor settings to promptly access both general and specialized medical consultation services, and client-tailored health information and advice; reduce the risk of complications and death of patients through triage and subsequent provision of remote first aid advise (as applicable) and referral to government-certified health facilities located near the patient; reduce the unnecessary wastage-of-time processes embedded in the traditional approach of healthcare delivery; and contribute to health system strengthening in Tanzania.

Responsibilities and duties
  • Achieve growth and hit sensitization targets by successfully managing the recruitment teams.
  • Design and implement a strategic sensitization plan that expands company’s beneficiary base and ensure its strong presence and acceptance.
  • Own recruiting, objectives setting, coaching and train new sensitization personnel 
  • Monitor performance of recruitment personnel
  • Build and promote strong, long-lasting beneficiary relationships by partnering with them and understanding their behavior 
  • Present progress reports and realistic forecasts to the management team
  • Identify emerging target and segment shifts while being fully aware of applicable laws and really life realities.
  • And any other responsibility as deemed necessary.
Qualifications and skills
  • Bachelor’s degree of business administration and marketing, commerce, economics and other related academic fields 
  • At least two years of experience in a sales position.
  • Good team leadership, management and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure.
  • Fluent in written and oral communication skills in English and Swahili.
  • Familiarity with data analysis and reporting.
  • Hardworking, persistent, and dependable.
  • Positive and enthusiastic.
Applications must be submitted as soon as practicable but not later than 3rd September, 2016 to: [email protected]

Chief Executive Officer
AfyaCall Health Services
P. O. Box 3307
Dar es Salaam.