Because of so much hate in the news, old couple wail so loudly that a neighbor called police

Police in Rome were called to an apartment last week after a resident reported hearing loud crying and shouting.

When officers arrived at the apartment, they found no crime being committed. Instead, they discovered Jole, 84, and her husband Michele, 94, wailing loudly while watching television.

In a Facebook post in Italian, police said Jole asked her husband of 70 years why there was so much hate in the news, and wailed so loudly that a neighbor called police.

They also said they were lonely, that no one had visited them in a very long time, said police.

So the kindhearted cops got in the kitchen and whipped up a butter and parmesan pasta for the couple before sitting down and chatting with them. An ambulance was also called to check on them.

The couple told the cops about their lives together, and also shared how their loneliness was at times suffocating.

“There is not a crime. Jole and Michele are not victims of scams and no thief entered the house — there is no one to save,” the police force wrote on Facebook.

"This time, for the boys, there is a more daunting task — two lonely souls who need reassuring. They understand that just a little human warmth will restore tranquility to Jole and Michele."