Consultancy - Review of IPPF’s Africa Region Reproductive Health Commodity Strategy

Organization: International Planned Parenthood Federation

Closing date: 08 Aug 2016


IPPF Africa Region comprises of a network of 38 nationally owned and managed not for profit organizations in Sub Saharan Africa that are member associations (MAs) of the Federation with a secretariat based in Nairobi. The MAs have a robust network of service delivery points with a mix of service delivery modes including static clinics, mobile clinics, and outreach as well as associate and franchisee clinics.

IPPF has developed a new strategic framework (2016 -2022); that builds on the success of the previous framework (2005- 2015) and responds to the changing environment on SRHR and development globally. Most notably, events on the macro-economic outlook, and the transition from the Millennium development goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

One of the main focus area is for IPPF to become an enabler to other organizations for the provision of sexual and reproductive health services through strategies including social marketing. This is in a bid to scale up geographical reach within limited resource settings through strategic partnerships with both public and private sector players.

To effectively roll out the strategies the innovative approaches and models of service provision that the implementation plan for the strategy framework stipulates, it is inevitable that Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) is addressed and given the needed impetus. The old adage related to SRHR programme management "no commodities no programme" cannot be ignored and only a robust, pre-emptive and timeously responsive Supply Chain Management (SCM) system can ensure the success of the ambitious service provision outcomes that the strategy framework has set out to achieve. In this regard, IPPF Africa Region wishes to review and update its current RHCS Strategy which was developed and implemented during the previous strategic period. Objective

The purpose of this assignment is to review and update of IPPFAR Reproductive Health Commodity Strategy to align it to the new Federation Strategic Framework and the Regional implementation plan. 


The successful consultant will develop a detailed technical approach to conducting this assignment. However, it is envisaged that the methodology will include but not be limited to:
  • Review of strategic documents including internal IPPF specific documents, and information about the operating environment in the region
  • Conduct key informant interviews with key staff from ARO, selected Member Associations, IPPF central office
  • Review the RH commodity landscape in Africa.
  • Plan and facilitate a workshop with key stakeholders to present and validate findings, and identify strategies
  • Generate a draft report for review and validation before finalization Profile of Consultant
The resource person sought is a practitioner in in logistics/supply chain managements with a bias to the health sector. H/She should have practical knowledge and experience in design, implementation and evaluation of the supply chain. Duration of the assignment

This is a thirty (30) day consultancy which should be completed within the period of signing of the contractual agreement. Deliverables

The assignment deliverable is
  1. A final, agreed process document outlining a detailed methodology for the strategy development
  2. A draft RHCS Strategy for IPPFAR which includes the following:
a. Overview of the context and operating environment for ARO MAs, and IPPF as a whole

b. Challenges and opportunities affecting reproductive health commodity security in Africa

c. Strategies for responding to challenges

d. Costed implementation plan for the strategy

How to apply:

Requirements for applicants

Please submit the following to [email protected] by 8th August 2016:
  • A technical proposal detailing the methodology, proposed tools and timelines proposed for completing this assignment
  • A summary of track record for similar assignments (in the form of a CV or a list of previous assignments undertaken)
  • A detailed itemized financial proposal for undertaking the assignment.