Customer complaints about Vodacom Tanzania "scam"

update: The tweet quoted below indicates that Vodacom is now aware of this. via the contact box received the following message...


I made a payment of 30,000/ TShs using M-pesa (ref number/ muhamala - 3h585y6u9y ) for traffic fine (car number T638 CVW ) on 6th of August to wrong account number 221188 instead of 1607310659 .

I report the issue the next day on 7th of August to Voda , they advice me to talk to Maxcom of which i did. Maxcom customer service said they will return the money as soon as possible but refuse to give me time frame. "to me it was shocking or rather sound fishy"

After two days i called them again they said the same thing that the money will be returned i just have to wait and again no time was given and when i asked the customer service personnel become annoyed or even upset with my curiosity, instead of helping me with explanation of why there is no time period of solving a problem like this.

After a week i called them again i got different personnel and different advice that i have to ask Voda to report the problem to them of which i did , Luckily i got a good responds from Voda customer service personnel Emanuel Moshi that Maxcom are just avoiding their responsibilities and he is going to do as they wish to stop the excuses, the Voda personnel wrote the report about my issue to Maxcom and send me a reference number (CSR159140506) informing me that i will be notified just after they have resolve the issue.

After 4 days they send me a massage said I have to call 0764700200 to resolve my issue of which i did, but again i was told by Maxcom the money have been send to Voda and its on their system i should contact them.

Today is Monday 22/08/2016 i have called Voda to check if the money is on their system but they said there isn't any money i should check with Maxicom. I called Maxcom, and the customer service personnel Lady took my report as if i am reporting for the first time and she offer me an apology for the delay and that she will process the return of my payment as soon as possible and again no time frame .

I ask myself if this happens to me with all the follow ups , how many people are affected by this scam , how much money are people loosing and Maxcom benefit on peoples mistake.

This issue is bigger than its sound, the customer service don't give you the time frame for your money to be returned of which is very strange , they make you call them on the number which is not free to do the follow up, and all the time you call them is as if you reporting the matter for the first time, they take the details afresh and give you the same answer.

Do the Maths; if 30,000/ TSh is small to you that soon you will give up to follow up , TO THEM IT ISN'T .

Assume the lowest number possible to do mistake per day is 10 people on 30,000/TSh category and let us forget about other payment above or lower 30,000/TSh which are many as well.

30,000/TSh x 10 = 300,000/ TSh per Day

300,000/TSh x 30 = 9,000,000/ TSh per Month

9,000,000/TSh x 12 = 108,000,000/ TSh per Year

NOTE: The amount above is the lowest possible Yearly

Imagine this amount of money someone is making without a sweat and not even the Government collecting Tax from it because they don't know about the scam or can not trace the refund to customer if truly happens and most victims of this calculated scam are not reporting it cause they don't know where to start and where to report it, this is the problem of ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS.

But if citizen and the authorities are educated about this issue well we will be able to stop this big company to ripping off its customers in daylight.

PLEASE: Forward this information to all social media to alert good Tanzania citizens and its good Government authority about this scam.

E. R. M. | email withheld