Lionel Messi is back for Argentina

Argentinian superstar, Lionel Messi is coming out of his brief retirement to play once again for his beloved country of Argentina.

Unable to stay away from the shirt that has brought so much joy to his life, according to ESPN, Messi officially confirmed today after meetings with Argentina's new national team coach that he would be returning to his blue and white colors.
"I seriously thought about leaving, but my love for Argentina and this jersey forced me to return."
Messi has decided to look past the problems with the Argentina Football Association and mentioned he would rather be on the inside trying to fix them than on the outside criticizing them.
I love my shirt and my country too much. - Lionel Messi
Feeling the love from his supporters, Messi witnessed thousands flock into the streets of Argentina wit signs asking him not to leave, and statues of him going up around the country.
"I want to thank all the people who wanted me to continue playing with Argentina. Hopefully we'll give you some joy soon."