Minister suspends two TANESCO Managers

The Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals, Dr Medard Kalemani, has suspended two project managers of new Kurasini Sub-Station for negligence and has ordered for fresh recruitment of others to accomplish the installation of the sub-station, reports the Daily News (Tanzania).

In line with this, Dr Kalemani ordered officials with Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) to shun 'business as usual' mentality and get into serious work. He warned that the government will not hesitate to flush out such officers over laxity.

He made the move yesterday in Dar es Salaam when he made a surprise visit at Kurasini, Mbagala and Gongo la Mboto sub-stations to inspect the progress of setting up the power utilities designed to stabilise power supply in Dar es Salaam.

While at Kurasini Sub-station, Dr Kalemani ordered the Tanesco Project Manager, Eng Emmanuel Manirabona, to submit to him a report by next Tuesday explaining why the setting up of the sub-station of Kurasini has been delayed beyond scheduled time.

When asked to give the names of the suspended project managers, Eng Marinabona said he could not reveal the names as the managers were not at their sites. The installation of Kurasini sub-station project, which kicked off in February 2012, was expected to be completed in August 2013.

"Two site managers of the sub-station (Kurasini) should be suspended immediately from work and get others to accomplish the installation of the utility. And I want you (Tanesco Project Manager) by next Tuesday to submit a report for failure to complete the work as planned," he said.

He added that the ministry would also investigate the funds allocated to the project. Dr Kalemani ordered the suspension of the two managers after he found that no work was in progress at the site, despite having visited the area (Kurasini sub-station) early February, this year and ordered for quick accomplishment of the power utility.

Eng. Manirabona told Dr Kalemani that the installation of the utility has been delayed due to various challenges including lack of installation materials - an excuse that Dr Kalemani turned-down. He ordered that the utilities (Kurasini, Gongo La Mboto and Mbagala) be ready by the end of September, this year.

He said that 50 per cent of the project has been completed as the rest awaits installation materials that are expected to arrive on December 26, this year and that 80 per cent of payments have already been made to the site constructor.

Dr Kalemani said that the accomplishment of the power utilities is expected to end electricity blackouts and stabilise electricity supply in Dar es Salaam. He ordered Eng Manirabona to ensure that the utilities are fully accomplished by September or he faces legal sanctions. In another development, Dr Kalemani expressed the need for Tanesco officials to abstain from staying into their offices and instead go to work sites and serve customers as required.

"It is very disappointing to see the project that was planned to be completed in 18 months time delaying for negligence. Nothing is being done. The managers are not present," he said while looking disappointed.

He said Tanesco should avoid 'doing businesses as usual' but instead embark on serious matters, working on the sites to provide services to customers. He blamed the officials for staying in their offices, abandoning development projects and other important services.

This anomaly, he said, delays development of projects and thus causing electricity problems in the city and elsewhere. "All the officials with Tanesco in the country should know this. From today onwards, they should go out of their offices and start working in their respective sites to provide services to customers," he noted.