On duo citizenship: Special consideration given to Tanzanians living abroad

Mindi Kasiga
Mindi Kasiga
The government has started giving special consideration to Tanzanians living abroad to exploit various opportunities available in the country as it contemplates on duo citizenship --- Lydia Shekighenda reports for The DailyNews via AllAfrica

Foreign Affairs and East African Co-operation's Head of Communications, Mindi Kasiga revealed this in Dar es Salaam yesterday when briefing journalists about the 3rd Diaspora Conference scheduled for today in Zanzibar.

Ms Kasiga said that the government decision follows a number of challenges for the country to adopt duo citizenship. She said that the government's intention is to see Tanzanians living abroad or those who have changed their citizenship continue to enjoy some rights from their country of origin.

Ms Mindi explained that such opportunities given to Tanzanians who have changed their citizenship include reducing the number of restrictions imposed to them when they are required to work in Tanzania.

"This is done in collaboration between my ministry and the Ministry of Home Affairs especially when an expert with Tanzania origin is highly needed in the country ," Ms Kasiga said. She further said that Tanzanians living abroad can also be facilitated to purchase lands in Tanzania for either personal use or investments.

"The issue of duo citizenship has not been concluded but the special consideration given to Tanzanians living abroad can lead us to fresh discussion although we have a long way to go," Ms Kasiga said.

Ms Kasiga, however, said that the two-day conference will bring together more than 300 Tanzanians living abroad and will be officiated by Zanzibar President, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein.

Themed "Bridging Tanzania Tourism and Investment: A New Outlook," the conference is crucial for the Diaspora to look on various investment opportunities for personal and national benefits.

Ms Kasiga said that during the conference the government will recognise Tanzanians living abroad who have contributed positively to the countries development. "We had no this system of recognising the contribution of some Tanzanians living abroad in the past, but through these conferences more of them will be known."

Mr Emmanuel Onasaa, a Tanzanian living in Spain is among the people who will be recognised for his personal efforts to support the sport sector.

Speaking in Dar es yesterday, Mr Onasaa commended the government for its initiatives to enable Tanzanians living abroad to continue enjoying some rights in their country of origin.

Mr Onasaa said that due citizenship has been a challenge to most Tanzanian Diaspora, thus being denied some rights. He called upon the government to work on the matter to enable many Tanzanians living abroad to contribute to the country's economy.