Senator Wangari demands forensic audit of KU, JKUAT campuses in Rwanda, Tanzania

Nominated Senator Martha Wangari has demanded a special forensic audit on how two Kenyan public universities invested millions of shillings to set up campuses in Rwanda and Tanzania.

Wangari wants the VCs of Kenyatta University and JKUAT to explain their investments in those countries.
"The auditor must give details of the actual amount of money the public universities have spent, how works and services were procured [and] if the move to establish campuses [was] approved by the Commission for University Education," she said.
She also demanded to know the number and locations of the campuses in the said countries and the rationale for establishing and opening campuses outside Kenya.

“We are investigating how they managed to get the loan without guarantee from Kenya or requisite approvals from the university council,” she said.
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